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Aaron Tuttle talked to the PR folks about trolls, haters and bloggers…

aaron tuttle pr meeting

Yesterday, Aaron Tuttle met with local PRSA chapter to discuss “The Critical Nature of Severe Weather Communications.” The meeting was held at Science Museum Oklahoma. It apparently started 30-minutes late after Aaron got lost in the mirror maze while trying to make love to his own reflection.

According to several Ogle Moles who were in attendance, the speaking engagement basically served as platform for AT to promote his weather app and wear the suit he bought at Burlington Coat Factory three years ago:


I love the final bullet point. "Factual information without hyping." Yeah, that's it. There's no hype with that Aaron Tuttle guy. He's so calm when he creates a panic on Facebook. That would be like Mike Morgan saying there is no bedazzle to his weather ties.

Also, I know that pic was taken with a camera phone, but how orange can Aaron Tuttle get? He's starting to look like the Oompa Loompa who makes all the chocolate protein bars. Can someone with "At The Beach" schedule an intervention before the spray tan chemicals and ultraviolet rays turn AT into a weather mutant? At that point we're all doomed!

In addition to promoting his app, AT also put together a slide that addressed "trolls, haters and bloggers."

aaron tuttle slide

Okay, I'm not a copyright attorney who specializes in copyright law, but doesn't Slice Magazine own the copyright to that photo? I'm pretty sure that's the pic of the male model they used to portray me in that big article they published about The Lost Ogle a year or two ago. Did Aaron ask them for the rights to use that photo?

I hope they gave him permission because this whole thing is fucking hilarious!

First of all, it's great how Aaron claims he doesn't typically respond to trolls, haters and bloggers and then he creates a whole PowerPoint slide dedicated to responding to trolls, haters and bloggers. Also, thick skin doesn't mean not human? What's that even mean? As Spencer asked on Twitter, how much time does one have to spend in a tanning bed to get thick skin? Did he cover that in the next slide?

I also likethe unattributed Seinfeld quote at the bottom, which is also probably a copyright violation. He really went with "The Jerk Store called and they're running out of you?" What's the difference? He's their all-time best seller!!!

Anyway, I made my own slide as a response. Hopefully I can use it when the PRSA invites me to come speak:

aaron tuttle slide

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