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Anyone want a free peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

pbj warr acres

Here's a story that will melt your heart like a PB&J inside Regular Jim Traber's digestive tract.

Last week, P.B. Jams, a local peanut butter and jelly restaurant (sigh), made national news when the eatery offered a free meal to whoever who was foraging for food in the restaurant's dumpster. Apparently, the owner was not aware of Nani and that food foraging is now a hipster thing.

We know about this "random" act of kindness because the shop promoted it on Facebook, which then got the attention of KFOR.

Here's the original Facebook post:

touch my nuts

Oops. That's the wrong Facebook post. Screw the nice story about helping the less fortunate. It's the one that should have gone viral.

Here's the other one...

pbj sign

That's nice. It's good to see there's still some good people in the world. That being said, is that the best way to reach the dumpster diver? Not to stereotype, but the people looking through your trash at night probably don't pay close attention to signs. P.B. Jams probably should have just placed an ad in the Curbside Chronicle instead.

Also, doesn’t this feel a little bit calculated? I’m all for random acts of kindness, but it bothers me when people and places openly brag about their charitable contributions and good deeds. It feels exploitative. With the way this story is circulating around the country, I fully expect Rumble to take a bunch of families to go dumpster diving for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches sometime over the next few weeks. Because you know, Thunder Cares.

Actually, I’m joking around. I’m not that cynical. I’ll sometimes brag about the work I do with puppies, manatees and starving fashion models. It feels good to share a good deed. Plus, it can get you thousands of dollars worth of publicity and earned media. It’s a win-win.

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