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Hot Girl Friday: Mardi Nider

Back when the Christina Fallin headdress controversy was happening, we posted a "Maxim: Hometown Hottie" submission pic of local model Mardi Nider. For the shoot, Mardi paid homage to her Native American roots...

model headdress

When we posted the pic on the site, we included a poll asking if it was okay. 75% of TLO readers either voted "Yes" or "Not Sure. Having trouble thinking." I guess it's okay then.

I'm bringing this up because Mardi recently sent us an email. She did this because she loves us... and wanted to invite us to something:

Good morning!

My name is Mardi Nider and last March the Lost Ogle wrote an amazing article about me wearing a Native American headdress in my photos for Maxim. Needless to say, I love you guys!!!

While modeling is something I truly love, the passion and love I have for people is greater. The main reason I want to be model or actress or public figure is because it gives you a platform to bring awareness to the things that truly matter.

On April 12, 2015 at the Will Rogers Theatre I'll be putting on my very first event here in OKC. *Vigilante en Vogue* will be a fashion show bringing together the biggest names in fashion from around our state to raise funds and awareness for the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Rescue Her. Rescue Her connects with at risk young girls to show them their true value, build self-esteem, strength, purpose and educate them on the dangers of sex trafficking. They travel throughout world to rescue children and women who are currently enslaved and build homes for the victims to live in and receive the physcial and emotional medical care they need to help them restore their their lives...

I appreciate you guys -


Although she didn't include a sexy selfie with "Keep Calm and Ogle On" written somewhere on her body with a magic marker, that's pretty cool. It's fun to have hot girls we write about email us. In fact, Mardi's now the fifth hot girl Friday to have her name appear in the Ogle In-Box. The others are Divini Rae, Marla Morgan, Ashley Rodgers and The Vintage Doll. I think I may compile all of their emails into a book.

Anyway, it's also cool that Mardi's having this fashion show. You can buy tickets here. 100% of the profits go to Rescue Her. The names on the runway include The Factory, Blue Seven, Okies Rock, JLilly's, Nicole Moan and Hannah Coury. Also, Christina Fallin has nothing to do with the show. She's too busy "working" in Dubai.

There are some more pics of Mardi after the jump. Check them out and buy tickets to her fashion show. She's our Hot Girl Friday:














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