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Maybe it’s time we just ban personalized license plates…

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II oklahoma city

The guy pictured above is Dr. John Patrick Keefe II. He made the "Holy Crap! Why Do We Still Live In This State?!" news yesterday when word spread that he was denied a personalized Oklahoma license plate. The reason? It supported the LGBT community, which made the plate "sexual in nature" and thus reprehensible to the taxpayers of Oklahoma.


An Oklahoma City man is fighting back after the state denied his request for a customized license plate. The message of the plate: support the LGBT community.

He filed a request for vanity plate: "LGBTALY" (plates can be a maximum of seven letters). His request was denied.

“When I am driving around with license plate that says LGBT ally, it shows to other people, 'Look, I am here for my fellow Oklahomans,'” said Dr. John Patrick Keefe II.

Keefe is not gay. He's married with two children but wants to show his support.

“I have a lot of friends and even my sister Kimberly is gay,” he said.

The Oklahoma Tax Commission turned down his application for the custom license plate.

“They turned that down saying that it was sexual in nature and I thought that that was pretty unfair,” said Keefe. Keefe's hired an attorney to help argue the term "LGBT" is now widely accepted.

In all fairness, I can see how the moral police at the tax commission could make a mistake and think the plate was sexual in nature. When I first read it, I also thought it was referring to Aaron Tuttle's porn alias, "League Butt Ally."

Regardless, this whole thing is absurd. It doesn't matter if you're a gay rights advocate or a God-fearing bigot, everyone should have the freedom to look like an absolute fool and get a personalized license plate. Seriously, who likes personalized tags? They're about as cool as a band wearing one of their own t-shirts to to their own concert.  Here's a note to the people with personalized tags: Unless your tag says LRDGARY, nobody else really likes your plate or thinks its cool. In fact, the rest of thinks it's pretty damn strange.

That actually leads to this idea...

What if we convince the legislature that gay Oklahomans are going to flood the state with requests for personalized license plates, and that we're better off just banning them altogether? Who would be against that? They did the same thing for marriage licenses, so there is precedence. Let's start the lobbying tomorrow. This may be one of our only chances to put our legislature's fear, paranoia and bigoted/archaic views to good use.

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