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This kid from Muskogee has an unbelievably accurate imagination…

1:39 PM EDT on March 17, 2015


The kid pictured above is Ryan. He's from Muskogee, and like most 10-year-olds, probably likes sports, video games and drinking sugary drinks. He also believes in a past life he was a former powerful Hollywood agent named Marty Martyn. Typical kid, huh? They say the darndest things.

We know about Ryan's past life experience thanks to this absolutely insane news report that aired yesterday morning on the Today Show. I first rolled my eyes when I saw the clip being promoted by Channel 4, but after watching it, I think I may convert to Buddhism and start taking this quest for nirvana thing seriously.

Here's the story from the Today Show. Watch it:

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Man, some kids get all the breaks. In his past life, Ryan was a powerful Hollywood casting agent who traveled the world and hobnobbed with celebrities. In my past life, I was married to a girl from Bethany. I always get the short end of the stick.

Because of that, I like to focus on the future and not the past. The best part about reincarnation isn't who you were... it's what you will become! Just think, in 100 years there's going to be some kid in Poland named Peter having nightmares that he's a Facebook weatherman stuck in a spray tan machine. Poor kid.

Anyway, this really is a compelling story, but I don't think it necessarily proves reincarnation exists. There are plenty of other logical explanations. For example, maybe Ryan is caught in between two parallel universes or he's stuck in an electromagnetic quantum time loop waiting for Ziggy to give him the odds. That would make sense.

Then again, this could have nothing to do with time travel. Ryan could be a brilliant psychic on the path to late night talk show stardom, or perhaps the ghost of Marty Martyn got bored and wanted to screw with a random family in Muskogee. Who knows? I doubt we'll ever find the answer. If you ask me, there are cosmic forces in the universe that require an extra-layer of self-awareness that we just can't understand or comprehend. I believe those forces are called "coincidences." Our tiny little brains just can't figure them out.

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