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This guy did donuts in a Twin Peaks parking lot…

richard quick jr

The guy who looks like Thor if Thor's roommate cooked meth pictured above his Richard Quick Jr. If he doesn't go by Dick Quick Jr., there may be something wrong.

Actually, there probably is something wrong with him, if not multiple things. He was busted by cops doing donuts in the Twin Peaks parking lot...

Via News

Tulsa Police arrested a 31-year-old Tulsa man after he rolled his pickup onto its side in a restaurant parking lot.

Police said Richard Quick Jr. admitted he was doing donuts when the crash happened.

Police Corporal Kyle Straight said Quick ran when police arrived but they caught him after a short foot chase. Quick told officers he was spinning the truck's wheels in circles outside the Twin Peaks restaurant near 71st and Memorial when he hit a curb.

EMSA took Quick to the hospital to be checked out and then officers took him to the Tulsa County Jail. They say he appeared to be intoxicated.

Uhm, why'd he run from the police? There's nothing they like more than a good donut.

Haha! I'll be here all week. Be sure to tip your waitresses and bar staff.

Anyway, I kind of feel sorry for Dick Quick Jr. There's nothing worse than getting cock blocked by the cops. He was probably just trying to impress one of the Twin Peaks waitresses (named either Krystal or Hailey) who turned down his invitation to an upcoming monster truck rally. In a way, doing donuts in a parking lot is the redneck equivalent of holding the boom box over your head and playing some Peter Gabriel:

Just ask any Krystal or Hailey. They'll tell you it's true.

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