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This cool teacher from Miami (OK) apparently taught kids how to roll a joint…

9:46 AM EST on January 20, 2015

I think we'd all agree that one of the biggest problems with our education system is that we really don't teach students enough real world life skills. For example, instead of instructing high school kids how to juggle credit card debt by taking advantage of balance transfers, we throw them in an algebra class where they have to add and multiply letters. It's pointless. Not only are half the answers in the back of the book, but who multiplies letters in real life?

Fortunately, we're not the only ones who think that way. One enterprising teacher from the Miami (OK) School District got fed up with today's irrelevant core curriculum and decided to do something about it. He taught his class how to roll a joint.

Well, at least we think he did.

A week or so ago, the Twitter account Party Stories tweeted an image of what appears to be a teacher from Miami High School rolling a fake joint filled with oregano in a classroom. It's been re-tweeted and favorited nearly 3,400 times. The accompanying "party story," that's the fancy teen phrase for "caption," is "My teacher taught us how to roll joints in class - Miami, Oklahoma."

Check it out:

That's cool. After he rolled the joint, I wonder if he taught the kids how to clean out a glass pipe? Does he use rubbing alcohol?

Okay, so that's probably not one of those "life skills" you want taught in schools, but it does serve a purpose. There's at least a 35% chance you've once been asked at a party if you know how to roll a joint, and having some instruction in that field would have been beneficial. Otherwise, you look like a fool and have to deal with Clark Matthews making fun of you. There should be a Sin Sciences Class taught in high school that students can elect over Healthful Living where they learn how to do everything from rolling a joint to getting drunk off paint thinner and mouthwash.

Anyway, back to the photo...

I did some checking around and a Mole claims the photo is legit and officials are looking into it. Of course, it still carries some mysteries and unanswered questions like...

- When was the photo taken?
- Does the teacher/ coach still work at the school?
- Did he roll the fake joint in front of a class?
- Does he smoke good weed and know where we can get some?

Most of those questions could probably be answered with a really awkward phone call to the Miami school district, but that's a little too official for me. Like I really want to talk to a high school principal again. Instead, I'm going to let our local TV news media take it from here. They have the scent, now let's watch them race like a pack of dogs to hunt it down. You know they'll be all over it. We've presented three of their favorite ingredients – schools, drugs and high school teachers going rogue – rolled into one joint of a story! Check it out tonight at 10!

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