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Harold Hamm still writes checks…

harold hamm divorce

Well, you probably don't want to get in line behind Harold Hamm at the grocery store.

Earlier this week, we learned that the greedy oil baron still writes checks. We also learned that his greedy oil baroness ex-wife, Sue Ann, doesn't accept them.

Via Reuter's:

Harold Hamm, the chief executive of oil driller Continental Resources who is embroiled in a bitter divorce, offered to pay his former wife $974.8 million, but she rejected a hand-written check, lawyers for both sides said on Tuesday.

Hamm's offer would have paid his ex-wife, Sue Ann Arnall, immediately the full cash value of what he owes based on a November divorce ruling by an Oklahoma County judge.

The lawyers said Arnall did not want to accept the check for fear of hurting her appeal of that decision.

Michael Burrage, Hamm's lawyer, said in an email that Arnall could still cash the check if she wants to, and Hamm had borrowed funds to ensure there would be enough cash in his account to cover it.

Hamm's offer to pay his ex-wife should stop the interest of more than $93,000 per day that has accrued on the award since November, his lawyer said.

Before we continue, can we all give one big collective "Fuck you!" to Harold and Sue Ann? Kids go hungry, college graduates struggle to find jobs and pay students loans, and the Thunder couldn't afford to dip into the luxury tax to pay James Harden, but these two fucks are arguing over whether or not to cash a $974.8-million check and avoid paying $93,000 per day in interest. What a messed up world.

Seriously, screw those turtle and lizard impersonators. Even Scrooge McDuck and Flintheart Glomgold think they are petty assholes. If I was the judge in this case, I'd turn into some judicial Robin Hood and rule they give half of their net-worths to charity. I'd then toss Eric Eissenstat a mint.

Anyway, CNBC got a copy of the handwritten check and sent it out via Twitter. Check it out:

Before we continue, can we once again give another big collective "Fuck you!" to these greedy asswipes? I hope Tyler Durden waits on them the next time they serve soup at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club.

Of course, I guess you can't really blame Sue Ann for not cashing it. For one, the check number is 1004. Obviously, that means it's a new account and Harold has bad credit. Two, he didn't include his driver's license or phone number. I would have made him put that on there out of basic principle.

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