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Miley Cyrus wore her nicest pot leaf pasties to Wayne Coyne’s Christmas Party…

10:41 AM EST on December 22, 2014

OMG, what will Miley Cyrus do next?!

She was seen wagging her tongue Saturday night for a Christmas party in Oklahoma! It was hosted by her 53-year-old creepy BFF Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips!

There was glitter and confetti everywhere!

Miley could barely keep her clothes on!

At one point she removed her top and revealed Christmas decorated marijuana leaf pasties!!! She was then sued by Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt and Nebraska!

She's so fun and beautiful!

Enjoy life Miley!

We love you, girl!

Okay, I took that a little too far. Since this is the second Monday in a row that I'm writing about a national celeb visiting Oklahoma City for a Christmas event, I figured it would be fun to write in the voice of a national celebrity gossip blogger. That was an awful experience I never want to happen again. I think I had it nailed until I referenced the Scott Pruitt marijuana lawsuit.

Bad writing aside, Miley Cyrus was in town on Saturday for Wayne Coyne's ridiculous $100-cover Christmas Party at The Womb on Saturday. The whole thing looked lavish and ridiculous in a very "Hey, let's do a bunch of drugs and throw a Christmas party" type of way. Seriously, there were so many drugs being consumed at this thing that even Hunter S. Thompson would think it was decadent and depraved.

With the help of some Ogle Moles, we gathered up some videos and pics from the event on Instagram and Facebook. The highlight, at least for me (and possible search engine optimization), was Miley posing almost topless and wearing marijuana leaf pasties.

Let's take a look at some of them:

Okay, I should probably admit that I shamelessly stole those videos off Instagram and put them on YouTube. I did this just to mess around with Miley Cyrus fans. In the description for each video, I linked to Joe Exotic's website for "more information." That should confuse some people.

Outside of the pasties and cool designer drugs, another highlight was that some girl from Moore kissed Miley Cyrus:

She was very excited about the kiss.

Here are other random pics from the event. I tried my best not to include any of Wayne's girlfriend, Katy Weaver, because let's face it--she's an annoying fame chaser who probably even gets on Wayne Coyne's nerves, but that was more difficult than I thought. I'm pretty sure her goal for the night was to appear in every photo imaginable.

Anyway, I guess that's it for our little photo round up, yall! Adorable stuff! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!



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