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Hot Girl Friday: Cute Hipster Chicks from BRONCHO Music Video

11:22 AM EST on December 19, 2014


When I hopped in my car this morning to get my Red Bull from Walgreens, I had a couple of ideas in my head for Hot Girl Friday.

The first was to feature local media personality Jessi Stone. She was a DJ at Magic 104 for a while, and then moved over to KOKH Fox 25 about a year or so ago. Earlier today, I learned via the Ogle Mole Network that she's replacing Lump on the Franchise. She starts on December 29th. Since attractive radio dj's are a rarity, I figured she'd be a good, topical hot girl to profile.

My other idea was to feature Baphomet. VICE recently provided a photo update on the monument the Satanic Temple wants to install at the State Capitol, and once again, I thought that would be a good topical thing. Baphomet is like half woman / half man or something, and featuring him / her would be a good way to debunk this criticism of Hot Girl Friday by Kurt Hochenauer in his recent blog post "Ode to a Grecian Ogle."

Sometimes, [The Lost Ogle] misses the mark or makes me cringe with its blatant, some would say sexist, “hot girl” material or its focus on goofy, stupid local television news “personalities” I could care less about, but The Lost Ogle has taken on a new significance lately with its enduring community presence and the tragic intellectual decline of the Oklahoma Gazette.

Yes, the man who forced me to read Naked Lunch when I was 22 is complaining about the sexist / blatant leanings of this website. I'm honestly not sure how those two facts connect, but it's an easy way for me to humble brag that I read a weird book in college. Humble brags aside, yes, Dr. Hochenauer, HGF is very blatant, but sexist? I'm not so sure. I did consider featuring a goat this week. That's only sexist if your job is to keep the grass down along the Hefner Canal. Plus, we've run an occasional Hot Guy Monday. Maybe objectifiable would be a better word?

Anyway, while I was debating in my mind the merits between a radio personality nobody has heard of and hermaphrodite goat idol, Broncho's new song "Class Historian" played on the satellite radio. The Tulsa-based band is pretty popular in the indie music world right now, and their new video features a bunch of cute (I think) local hipster girls that you would see eating half a macaroni pony and a cheese curd before throwing it up in The Mule bathroom dancing and flirting with a guy who looks and sounds like he should be in a Strokes tribute band.

Check them out. They're our Hot Girl Friday:

So, does anyone know who these girls are? I think one of them is Hipster Boo Boo's BFF Britta Newton, but I'm not sure about the rest. Are they all just groupies of the band, or are they real life legitimate models? Knowing what we know about the music world, they're probably both.

Anyway, BRONCHO's new album is pretty good, and they're from Oklahoma, so you should buy their album on iTunes. Support local music and cute hipster girls.

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