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The leader of the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee is a racist…

charlie meadows

The guy pictured above is Charlie Meadows. When he's not pursuing his lifelong dream of being a Santa at Dollar General, he's a Derplahoman propagandist and the leader of some group called the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee.

He's also a racist.


A protest is being planned outside the weekly Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee meeting over an article their president wrote.

The title of the article is “Why blacks hate cops & how blacks can be winners, not losers!“

It was written by OCPAC president, Charlie Meadows, and was meant to address the situation in Ferguson.

Many were outraged when they received the article in the organizations weekly e-mail.

“I’m on Charlie’s newsletter, e-mail list and it came out and I looked at it and I thought wow, this looks bad,” said Sooner Tea Party leader, Al Gerhart.

Gerhart says they immediately responded to the article with an e-mail of their own.

“We slammed him,” said Gerhart. “We called him Mastah Charlie and again playing upon the old racist stereotypes in reverse to make him, shock him, this is what you’re looking like Charlie, this is crazy.”

So, want to know an easy way to tell when you're a bat shit crazy racist? How about when the leader of the Sooner Tea Party thinks you're a bat shit crazy racist? Want an even easier way? How about when Steve Kern, a man whose wife has gone on record to say that all black people are lazy and don't like school, agrees with everything you just wrote:

The pastor of Olivet Baptist Church, Steve Kern, says he agrees with everything that Meadows had to say in the article and has no problem with sponsoring the group’s weekly meetings.

The entire article / manifesto / should we give this asshat some publicity is located below. Once again, it's titled "Why Blacks Hate Cops & How Blacks Can Be Winners, Not Losers." It's something you'll definitely want to send to all your loser black friends, right?


I have wanted to write this piece since trouble began to boil in Ferguson, but just couldn’t do so until now. First, I must state, NOT all black folks hate cops and MANY black people are already winners, they are not losers. This commentary is about that large number of black folks that do hate cops and are losers.

I will surely be called a “racist” and a “bigot” by some for even writing a word about the whole situation. But...

Actually, you can write thoughtful commentary about the complex situation in Ferguson and how it relates to race without being labeled a racist. Plenty of people have done it. What makes you a racist is making sweeping racist generalizations and writing the ignorant statement that most black people hate cops and are losers.

I take my old friend the Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson seriously when he pleads with white folks to overcome their fears of being labeled with these old clichés and speak up on issues of race as most of the civil rights leaders and too many of the black pastors are not telling black people the truth nor are they saying what needs to be heard by black folks to overcome their hatred and thus escape their sadness, poverty and loser status.

Yes, more white people need to overcome their fears and call out black people for being losers, because, uhm, the pastors in poor black communities refuse to do so. I'm sure that will solve everything...

One more point before I begin. What two things would you guess the following people have in common: Alan Keys, Ward Connerley, the Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, Jonathan Small, The Reverend Stevie Craft, Retired Major General Jerry Curry, Al Mertens, Arlie and Janice Ponds, the Berkley children, and Toby Pedford that come to mind at this time. The two things they all have in common is they are all black and they have all been a speaker at one or more OCPAC meetings sometime in the past. I personally respect all of these folks and even look up to some of them.

In addition we have had numerous black folks attend our meetings, interviewed black candidates and even had former State Senator Connie Johnson speak at OCPAC, though there is little I agree with when it comes to Senator Johnson’s agenda and values. So call me racist if you wish, the record suggests otherwise.

You know, just because you've had African Americans come speak at your events doesn't mean you're not a racist. At last check, plantation owners – even the nice ones – co-existed and dealt with a lot of black people. Something tells me those people were still racists.

With all of that in mind, some of what I am about to say is not going to be ear tickling to some in the black community. Have you ever wondered why we have these flare ups, usually at a key time before an election?  This election cycle it was the death of Michael Brown, prior to the previous election cycle it was the death of Treyvon Martin, prior to one of the Bush elections it was the horrific death of a black man dragged behind a pick-up, never mind the perp or perps in that case had already been convicted and I believe sentenced to death.

I suspect it not all that uncommon for a black man, particularly a young black person, to be shot by a cop, and perhaps killed, somewhere in America on a weekly basis, so why this shooting?

Well, it could have something to do with the conflicting eye-witness accounts that stated the victim had his hands up, or the preferential treatment given to the officer after the shooting. That's just an idea, though.

If true, that statistic is in no way evidence of a crisis regarding blacks being shot by cops for the vast majority of those shootings are justified. Truth is, there are a lot of black males that are very angry and have allowed their hearts to be filled with hate. Just as love is a motivational force, so is hate and hate towards others almost always motivates people to do evil things. Hate causes people to walk around with a chip on their shoulder, be rebellious, sullen, arrogant and look for opportunities to get even with those they hate or surrogates of those hated.

Please tell me more about hate, Mr. White Bearded Man Who Thinks Most Black People Are Losers.

Lawmakers make laws and set standards of civility, however it is the cops that must enforce those laws and maintain civil order. As such cops are the ones that come into contact with the lawless and angry rebels. In those confrontations they have the legal authority to use whatever force is necessary to constrain the angry rebels and that often ends up in violent confrontations. Cops are hated by rebels because they are the front line defense against evil and the keepers of civil order. An angry rebel with bad personal character never likes it when force constrains him...

If I hosted the Daily Show, this would be the part where I would cut to video of cops spraying peaceful protesters in the face with pepper spay, or maybe a news clip talking about how Daniel Holtzclaw, the Oklahoma City Police Officer who is accused of raping at least six women, was released on bail, something that obviously would never happen to a lower-income black male, but I'm not that good.

At this point, I started to get bored with the crazy, long-winded ramblings of a modern racist and started skimming through the piece. Rubbernecking as a form of curious amusement has a brief life span. It turns to sadness pretty quick.

One passage that did catch my attention was this...

May I suggest the number one thing holding black folks back today is a bad attitude.

First of all, I think a bad attitude holds many people of all races, color and nationalities back. Why does he just limit it to black people? Oh, because he's a racist. I forgot.

With the passage of the civil rights act in the 1960’s, the evil Jim Crow laws which suppressed black people were repealed and blacks now have full legal rights as any other citizen in America. Organizations such as the NAACP were necessary to achieve legal equality, however, once that was achieved, the continued existence of such organizations have become more of a problem than good. Today, to justify their continued existence, they stir up problems. The best thing black folks can do today to change their attitude is to move on past the victim mentality. Yes many evil things were done to black people in the past, but that was in the past. We should never abandon history, but to dwell on the evils of the past and not move on is an attitude killer.

Is this supposed to be some weird form of satire? A guy who is totally naive to the impact of centuries of institutionalized and government supported racism, and who is writing an essay that surmises that blacks are losers, is calling out the NAACP for stirring up problems. If anything, crazies like Charlie Meadows help confirm why we need an NAACP. As this picture from a US Senate debate shows, he does have influence:

charlie meadows oklahoma

You have to love the different looks on James Lankford and TW Shannon's faces. One seems to be listening intently, while the other seems to know Charlie is a racist.

Here's the final part:

If I were a black person and wanted a change of attitude, I would flee most black churches, at least if a black church continues to make its congregants out to be victims. Black folks are welcome in most white churches, but there will be some cultural differences. It might be good for success to emulate good cultural traits of white folks.

Come with us, black people! Emulate the good cultural traits of white Oklahomans! Grow a beard, wear overalls and become a racist! You'll love it. While you're at it...

Be careful of the music and entertainment in which black people spend their time. That which is good and glorifies God is good and that which promotes violence, disrespect, drugs, immoral sex and the things of a rebel are harmful. What you take in through the senses of your eyes and ears is what you become, just like the things we eat are what we become.

I'm not so sure I agree with that. If what we "take in through the senses of your eyes and ears is what you become," then we'd all be racists assholes like Charlie Meadows. Thank his Christian God it doesn't really work that way.

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