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Uh oh, Hinder has released a new awful song…

new hinder

It's a great time for people who like bad music, disease and meth.

Oklahoma City's douchiest dude rockers Hinder recently released their new single "Hit The Ground." They apparently chose the Thanksgiving season for the release with the hopes that no one in the world would notice. Unfortunately, some people did.

The song is the band's first new track since their frontman Austin Winkler left after sobering up and realizing he was in Hinder. Since then, Winkler's been writing his own bad music for his hot wife and filming PSAs with Bryan Abrams that warns children about the dangers of making a deal with the devil.

The band's new singer, Nolan Neal, is a fledgling Nashville based musician. He was discovered when the band searched YouTube for Hinder covers, and Nolan's sad, lonely version of "Lips of an Angel" was the only thing that popped up.

Check out the new track (and my review) after the jump. It will be coming to a strip club near you in no time...

For shitty music, that's not too bad. It kind of sounds like what would happen if Jake Daniels and Greg Zoobeck took all the post-grunge music played on the KATT, tossed it in a blender with some urine, antifreeze and a bedazzled shirt with wings and crosses on it, and then fed it to the guy from Creed and Animal from the Muppets.

In addition to a new song, Hinder is also releasing a new album. They're asking for their fans help in naming it. Yep, that's how low things have gotten for Hinder. They still think they have fans:

Off the top of my head, here are a few suggestions for the name:

- Broken Needles

- One More For The Drive Home

- Stop And Give Up While You Still Have Some Credibility

Actually, that last one is kind of harsh. I actually hope the new song and album helps revitalize the Hinder's career and moves them from the Indian Casino Circuit back to mainstream. They were always good for a joke or two. Maybe their drummer, Blowhard, will even try to beat up Joe Wertz again. That NPR journalist with his glasses deserves it.

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