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And the winner of our 2014 Oklahoma State Fair Photo contest is…

One cool thing about this blogging gig is that I don't have a boss I don't like named Karen telling me what to do. That being said, one big drawback to the job is that I don't have a boss I don't like named Karen to remind me when I do something stupid like forget to name the champion of our 2014 State Fair Photo Contest.

Yeah, I kind of forgot about that. After nearly 10,000 votes, the winning photograph is...

miss state fair 2014 state fair photo contest

Let's be honest. This isn't a big surprise. I think we all knew when we first saw Miss State Fair's photo that she was going to win this thing. How could she not? The photo is an all timer. She perfectly embodies everything about the State Fair and this silly contest we've held for the past six or seven years.

The winning pic was submitted by Derek M. from Guthrie. He's going to win a big feast to Picasso Cafe in the Paseo. Here's what he said about the photograph:

All I know about her is she has incredible fashion sense, and knows how to market herself. The back of the shirt read "Looking for the owner of these 40 DD's u need1. Big Ring  2. House  3. Car  4. Job."

My friend and I were leaving when we spotted her posted up smoking Paul Mall's by the ring toss. So in order to get a good pic my friend ran over and started playing, just so I could get a good clear picture of her, while pretending to take pics of my friend. We then followed her out and around for awhile, trying to get good pictures of her shirt before we left. As soon as we got to the car I sent the best pics we captured.

Derek wasn't the only person to submit a photo of Miss State Fair. We were sent several photos of the owner of those 40 Double-D's roaming the fair with some dude in search of corn dogs and/or billy goats. Here are some of the other entries:

miss state fair 8
miss state fair 1
miss state fair
miss state fair2
miss state fair 3
miss state fair 4
miss state fair 5
miss state fair 6

Those are all pretty good. I went with Derek's photo because it was clear and it showed Miss State Fair pointing at bananas with the same puzzled stare fair-goers probably made when they saw her rumbling down the midway.

Anyway, I guess that concludes the 2014 Oklahoma State Fair Photo contest. Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo and voted. If you want to relive all the glory, here are links to the 20 other semi-finalists.

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