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This lady allegedly dressed up like a witch and abused children…

Geneva Robinson

The living, breathing Twilight Zone episode pictured above is Geneva Robinson. The William Dafoe impersonator made the news yesterday after reports surfaced that she would dress up like a witch, change her name to Nelda, and then proceed to torture and abuse a seven year old girl.

If that's not the most disturbing sentence I've ever written on this website, I'm not sure what is.


An Oklahoma City woman was arrested Tuesday after a 7-year-old girl told police the woman dressed as a witch and abused her in several ways, including whipping and burning her.

Geneva Robinson, 49, was arrested Tuesday after she took a 7-year-old girl in her custody to the hospital because she “could not control” the child any more, according to a police report.

The girl appeared to be malnourished, had bruises and cuts all over her body and showed signs of being tied up, police said.

The girl told a state Department of Human Services worker that Robinson would dress as a witch, wearing a green mask, hat and robe, and take her to the garage, where she would bind the girl and make her sleep.

The girl said Robinson, who called herself “Nelda” when she dressed as a witch, would take a dog leash and hang the girl from the garage ceiling by leashes underneath her arm pits and and tell her “the creatures in the attic were going to come get her,” according to the report.

She also said Robinson would sometimes hit her with a whip and described being burned and threatened with a knife.

I guess we now know why they burn witches at the stake. When you read and hear shit like this it honestly doesn't sound like that bad of a punishment. I say we determine if she weighs the same as a duck and then get rid of her.

Of course, we shouldn't grab Sir Bedevere's finest scales just yet. According to neighbors that were interviewed by KFOR, the lady doesn't seem like a child abusing witch at all:

“If it wasn’t serious, it would be laughable,” said Tracie Spillman, a neighbor. “I can’t believe it. I just think that’s not true.”

“I do not believe it,” said George Finley, another neighbor.

“I just don’t believe the allegations against her,” said Heidi Campbell.

Several neighbors agree they’ve never seen any bizarre behavior from the alleged suspect or the three other young kids who lived in the home showed no signs of abuse.

“It’s just something I don’t believe because I’ve seen the kids and they look fine, they look happy,” said Campbell.

“I don’t believe it at all. She’s too nice and takes care of those kids,” said Finley.

“It’s not true at all,” said Joshua.

Joshua, who refused to give his last name, actually lives in the home with the suspect.

He describes the alleged victim as a troubled child and denies the suspect had an evil witch alter ego.

“She’s never dressed up as a witch to punish any of the kids,” said Joshua.

Yep, move along. No witch to see here. It's not true at all. Who cares that she had dog leashes, a whip and witch costume hidden inside her house. She probably had a large collection of brooms and newt tales, too. Who doesn't?


When police went to Robinson’s house, they found the dog leashes and whip in the garage and found the witch costume in Robinson’s bedroom.

Another one of the four children living with Robinson told police she cut his finger with scissors and threatened to cut it off because he cut off a doll’s hair.

One of the children said Robinson treated the 7-year-old girl differently from the other children by making her eat different food or eat in the garage. Police did not say if Robinson is the mother of any of the children.

The children were placed in protective custody with DHS, authorities said.

Great, DHS is on the scene. They'll probably give custody of the kids to Count Dracula or a werewolf. Anything else?

Robinson was arrested on a complaint of child abuse and booked into Oklahoma County jail where she was being held Wednesday in lieu of $10,000 bail.

Let me get this straight. The guy who made a stupid, sarcastic joke that he was going to behead someone faces terrorism charges and a $1,000,000 bond, meanwhile, Nelda the Wicked Witch of Methamphetamine, allegedly turns a child's life into a literal house of horrors and she only has to post a $10,000 bail. Glad to know we have our priorities straight, Oklahoma.

Anyway, our thoughts obviously go out to the kids hurt and affected by this allegedly crazy psycho. There's almost nothing worse than abusing a child. Hopefully the get proper help and treatment so they can live normal lives.

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