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Uh oh, Mary Fallin shot hoops with Kevin Durant…

2:08 PM EDT on September 29, 2014

Expect Kevin Durant to leave Oklahoma City when he becomes a free agent.

After he was forced to do this on Friday, I guess we can't blame him.

mary fallin kd

Yes, that's Kevin Durant giving Mary Fallin some pointers on her jump shot. Hopefully they didn't end up trading powers like in Thunderstruck. It would be awful to see Mary Fallin become the Thunder's leading scorer and for Kevin Durant to join the Highway Patrol.

Seriously, that's just weird. I can't tell if Mary is about to shoot the ball or lay an egg like she did when she took the oath of office. She was probably trying to do both. On a positive note, at least Toby Rowland wasn't guarding her:


The pic of Mary Fallin and KD was taken at the state capitol on Friday as part of the Governor's "Get Fit Initiative." It's a new, just-in-time-for-election-season campaign event aimed at promoting exercise to all the state’s third graders that Mary wanted to flunk last year.

The most troublesome part of the event wasn't what Kevin Durant was forced to watch, but what he had to say. Check out this video from the Oklahoman's coverage of the event:

This quote from Kevin Durant was the most disturbing part of the video:

When you have someone as great as Governor Fallin, don't take this for granted. Because she cares so much about your well-being, and uhmm, being a part of this great state, I'm just excited to be here with you guys.

Yes, children, Mary Fallin cares about your well-being. It's why she's fought so hard to keep Oklahoma from accepting federal Medicaid dollars that would provide health care coverage to lower-income Oklahoma families and, once again, why she wanted to flunk so many third graders. She just cares so much.

Anyway, this little charade has me even more terrified than normal that KD is going to bolt for Washington in free agency in a couple of years. Wouldn't you want to quit your job if you're employer forced you to say nice things about Mary Fallin?

Of course, there is a chance that Kevin Durant voluntarily called the Governor great. That's actually a more frightening scenario because it proves that either Kevin Durant is a Derplahoman, or that he literally will say anything to anyone. The next time he talks about how awesome Oklahoma City is and how much he wants to play here, remember that he'll say almost anything. The guy is just too nice.

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