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It looks like the State Democrats just got bean feed punk’d…

Earlier today, several Ogle Moles sent me the following flyer that promotes a GOP Bean Feed featuring Governor Mary Fallin. The event is to take place Saturday, August 23rd at the Garvin County Fair Building.

Here's the flyer:

GOPBeanFeed (1)

That's pretty funny. Since Oklahoma Republicans are some of the most boring people on the planet and don't have to worry about stinking up an after party, I can totally see them getting together to eat beans and talk about the NRA, Planned Parenthood and... Ku Klux Klan?

Yeah, once I read that bit in the final bullet point, my B.S. meter went into full alert. I know there are a bunch of racist, rural Republicans in our state, but usually they do a better job of hiding it. So, I emailed Alex Weintz, Mary Fallin's Communications Director, and asked:

"Question: Is your boss speaking at a GOP Bean Feed on Saturday, August 23rd?"

The was his reply: "No."

So, according to her office, Governor Mary Fallin will not be stuffing her face with pinto beans at the Garvin County GOP Bean Feed. Please don't tell that to the Oklahoma Democratic Party. They took this apparent prank-bait hook, line and sinker, and issued this press release:

Former Chair of The NGA Is Special Guest at Local Republican Fundraiser Discussing the KKK

OKLAHOMA CITY—On August 23, Mary Fallin, the Republican Candidate for Governor of Oklahoma and former Chair of the National Governor’s association will headline the Garvin County Republican Party’s Annual Fundraiser where the featured topic of conversation will be, the Ku Klux Klan.

In an appalling attempt to solidify her base, Republican Governor Mary Fallin is scheduled to attend the event.

“This is an apparent attempt to reverse her falling poll numbers. Does Republican Chairman David Weston and Mary Fallin support this type of event?, “ asked Democratic Party Chairman Wallace Collins.

On campaign material paid for by the Garvin County Republican Party it invites attendees to, "Discuss issues with fellow conservatives and find out some things that you may not know about the NRA, Planned Parenthood, Klu Klux Klan, and other organizations.”

“This is a disgusting attempt from the Governor to energize her base in the state of Oklahoma,” said Chairman Wallace Collins. “At some point, our friends in the Chamber of Commerce are going to realize that this type of politics is not good for our state, not good for our businesses and not good for the future of Oklahoma.”

And you wonder why Oklahoma Democrats have so much trouble winning elections in this state? Seriously, how could they fall for that without checking to see if it's true?! That's about as embarrassing as being an Oklahoma Democrat. I got a bag of magic beans I'd like to sell them. They'll grow great on my valuable swampland in Garvin county.

Of course, I guess there is a slight chance that the bean feed is a real event, Mary Fallin cancelled or that Alex Weintz is lying to us, but I don't buy it. That's bad news for us (I really wanted to hear Mary Fallin sing the "I Love Beans" song with Brak) and good news for Trooper (now he won't be blamed for stinking up Mary's new super RV).

Update: I did some more checking, and it looks like the Garvin County Republicans did have a "Bean Feed" that took place on August 24th, 2013. The flyer above seems to be mocking the one from last year. Who knows, this year's bean feed may still be real, but until I see some proof, I don't buy it.

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