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Hot Girl Friday: Some girl named Amber from Model Mayhem

I'm not 100% sure if Model Mayhem is a site for professional models to publish their portfolio, or a place where people who got kicked off Adult Friend Finder go to find dates. I think it's a strange mix of both. One person's profile will feature professional photos and an actual print portfolio, while another will include nothing but a bunch of semi-nude selfies taken in the Graham's bathroom.

I know all this because I thought it would be fun to profile a random girl from Model Mayhem for this week's Hot Girl Friday. So, earlier this morning I went by the site and performed the following search. I figured I'd sort it by "Last Activity" and simply profile the first girl to show up on the list.

model mayhem oklahoma city

Yeah, let's just say that idea didn't work out the way I planned. I couldn't tell if the first woman was a model or somebody you'd see giving Nolan Clay a lap dance at Red Night Lights. This is supposed to be "Hot Girl Friday," not "Girls Who Know The Video Vigilante Sad Day." The second result was a 17-year-old model from Edmond. I'll pass on that. The last thing I need is Chris Hansen greeting me in my own kitchen.

The third result? Well, considering it's 1pm on Friday, I guess it will work. She's hot in a "girl you'd probably see handing out packs of Camels and asking you to take brief survey at Club Candy in Bricktown on a Saturday night" type of way. Actually, do cigarette companies still do that? I haven't been to a club in a while.

Anyway, her name is Amber and she's our totally local, let's be nice to her, Hot Girl Friday. Here are some pics:

amber okc model 9

I think the magic ring on her right hand gives her specials powers or checks her blood sugar. I'm not sure which one.


amber okc model 8

This is a nice casual photo. It's bet she's looking a hummingbirds, butterflies or Aaron Tuttle doing push ups.


amber okc model 7

Oddly enough, I think she's looking at Aaron Tuttle in that pic, too.


amber okc model 6

Anyone else noticing a theme here? I think it involves Amber sitting down and looking to her right.


amber okc model 4

Well, there goes that theme of "sit down and gaze into the distance" photos. She looks like she's asking for extra points at trivia night.


amber okc model 3

Imagine that, she's staring to her right.


amber okc model 2

Question: If a bracelet nearly touches an elbow, is it still a bracelet.


amber okc model

What do you think? Lake Hefner or Lake Overholser? I vote Overholser.


Anyway, that's if for Hot Girl Friday. If you have any suggestions, shoot us an email.

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