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I knew we should have taken out Bieber when we had the chance.

As if all the Kevin Durant to DC talk hasn't been torturous enough, here's some more annoying news to irritate Thunder fans. Justin Bieber and Kevin Durant had brunch.

Via DeadSpin:

Dammit, Justin Bieber, Stay The Hell Away From Kevin Durant

According to Justin Bieber's Instagram account, which is usually a repository for the pop singer's embarrassing and fraudulent basketball "highlights," Biebs recently grabbed a quick brunch with Kevin Durant. Fuck you, Justin Bieber.

Look man, you already have plenty of famous athlete buddies, but we don't care when you hang out with them because those guys were exceedingly punchable before they met you. We don't want to feel like punching Kevin Durant. We like Kevin Durant. Don't fuck this up for us!

That Deadspin article sums it up nicely. Leave KD alone, Biebs! Then again, this isn't the first time KD has appeared on Bieber's Instagram. Maybe we need to tell Kevin Durant to leave Bieber alone? That will be an awkward chant at the Peake. When Bieber starts hanging out at hookah bars, we'll know it's time.

Anyway, the person who has to be getting the biggest laugh out of this is Russell Westbrook. While Durantula and the Biebs were trying to figure out what to do at the do-it-yourself Bloody Mary bar, Russ was giving Megan Fox the vapors.

From Megan Fox' Facebook Page:

megan fox westbrook
rw megan fox

I know we're in 2014, but when you get the hottest girl on the planet from 2007 to "giggle like an idiot" when she's around you, you're obviously doing something right. Or wearing an awful shirt. Now if he can only stop jacking up those transition threes...

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