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Even Daryl Hannah thinks fracking causes earthquakes…

Yesterday, an Ogle Mole who for some reason follows Daryl Hannah on Facebook sent me these screenshots from the actress' page. I guess she doesn't like fracking and/or Oklahoma earthquakes:

daryl hannah
daryl hannah 3
daryl hannah 2

Not that it matters, but can someone explain what the big deal is--or better yet--was, with Daryl Hannah? She's the most successful actress in history to both have a man's name and face. Was she supposed to be "hot?" If so, I just never got it. I remember watching Splash as a kid and thinking "He's going to go live underwater for her?" and "Why's her hair always covering her boobs?"

Of course, you haven't heard or seen this story anywhere else, because - surprise, surprise – our local media doesn't take the thoughts, views and opinions of Daryl Hannah very seriously. Apparently, they've never seen that movie where she and Sean Connery are bad ass scientists and develop a cancer vaccine in the rainforest. Even if they did, it wouldn't matter. For the local media to take you seriously regarding the connection between the fracking industry and earthquakes, you have to work for an oil company.

That's what happened yesterday when Continental Resources Vice President of Geology Glen Brown gave a speech at a luncheon:

Via News 9:

At a luncheon for the Oklahoma City Geological Society, Continental Resources presented what it calls independent stats that show this sting of earthquakes is not from the oil industry.

"There's a hysteria that needs to be brought back to reality that these are light and will not cause any harm," Vice President of Geology for Continental Resources Glen Brown said.

Brown says any earthquakes below 4.0 are insignificant.

He made several points:

- There's a remote chance fracking creates seismic activity.- A majority of wells are not located near recorded earthquakes.- There is a nearly 10,000 ft. difference between depths of earthquakes and depths of wells.- Seismic activity in Mexico.

Brown said in the last eight months, Mexico has seen two times the amount of 4.0 quakes than Oklahoma.

"Why don’t we hear about it? Well, there's no oil in gas in that part of Mexico? I don’t know," Brown said.

So, I did some research and Daryl Hannah wasn't in that film with Sean Connery. It was some other blonde actress. However, Daryl Hannah was in Clan of the Cave Bear. She plays a Homosapien living with Neanderthals or something like that. I identified with her character because I lived in Bethany. Oddly enough, I think her entire family died in an earthquake in that movie.

Anyway, feel relieved about the earthquakes? I sure do. The chief geologist for a company that makes billions of dollars from fracking thinks everything is okay, and there's only "a remote" chance fracking creates earthquakes. Even though his opinion isn't peer-reviewed and he didn't answer any direct questions from other researchers or the media, I bet he knows what he's talking about. Screw those scientists and their peer reviewed, published studies. We can trust him... just like your grandparents trusted the tobacco industry.

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