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Who tried to take down The Lost Ogle?


We survived our first DDoS attack over the weekend.

If you don't know what a DDoS attack is, it's basically when an asshole, group of assholes or angry robots turns a website into an early version of by flooding it with simultaneous visits/requests. Here's a semi-decent breakdown from Techopedia:

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) is a type of computer attack that uses a number of hosts to overwhelm a server, causing a website to experience a complete system crash. This type of denial-of-service attack is perpetrated by hackers to target large-scale, far-reaching and popular websites in an effort to disable them, either temporarily or permanently. This is often done by bombarding the targeted server with information requests, which disables the main system and prevents it from operating. This leaves the site's users unable to access the targeted website.

Since we were not prepared for the DDoS madness, it shut down TLO from about 1:00pm Friday to 4:00pm Saturday. You know, peak internet traffic hours. Thank for being competent, DDoS tools.

In all honesty, it probably shouldn't have taken over 24-hours to get the site back online, but...

a) I'm not a hosting / server / IT guy. Jesse Jane knows more about virginity than I do about that type of stuff.

b) Our soon-to-be-former-hosting-company, Site 5, was about as helpful as a box of dull nails and used condoms when dealing with the issue. They didn't offer any solutions, and when it came to fixing the problem, they showed about the same sense of urgency as Sam Presti during the NBA trade deadline. They just continued saying the site was still under attack, that they were monitoring things and that it would be back online when the attack ended. Who know when that would be.

I complained about the whole situation on Facebook and was contacted by a locally owned and operated hosting provider named Rival Host. They set us up with a DDoS protection service, told us to point something called a name server to it, and bam, within minutes TLO was back online. Thank you, Rival Host! Without your help, the site would still probably be down and the guys at Site 5 would still be monitoring things (a.k.a. surfing Reddit).

Now that we're back online and blogging, the obvious question is who targeted us. According to Rival Host, we were hit with a Level 7 attack that was clocking 77,000 requests per second from over 11,000 unique IPs, so whoever did it knew what they were doing. More than likely it was a group of anonymous and tremendously bored hackers from Russia, but it could also have been these people:


Jedi OKC

Back in 2009, these guys, or better yet, one of these guys sent angry emails to our advertisers after we published some Jedi OKC Meeting Minutes. The whole plan backfired. Patricia's launched a line of Bib Fortuna dildos in response, and Cafe Nova somehow remained open for another couple of years.

Maybe their ringleader – Sith Lord and Pirate Fiction Writer Ryan McKinley – tried to reopen an old grudge, or maybe their X-Wing pilot is still bitter that Cardboard Jim Traber defeated him in Ogle Madness IV.

Street Outlaws Racing

Street Outlaws

This would make sense, but then again, it would require that all Street Outlaws fans go to the library to use free internet. I'm not sure fans of the show even know what a library is.


Real Housewives of OKC

Who knows, maybe these ladies were upset that we ruined their chance of fame and fortune when we exposed that the Real Housewives of OKC wasn't all it was hyped up to be. Housewives can be bitter.


mike turner

Mike Turner

He has money, a technology background, and the maturity and haircut to do something like this. I bet he tried to rename the site The Lost Eye Booger.


the oklahoman

The Oklahoman

If you can't beat 'em, shut 'em down.



Discriminated White Girl from Ada

Since we published her "poor me" rant about being a white girl from Ada, Discriminated White Girl has kind of gone silent on her blog. Maybe she's been spending the down time getting her white girlfriends to help orchestrate the attack.


Clark Matthews

Clark Matthews fans

As his loyal supporters warned, this site hasn't been the same since Clark Matthews left a couple of years ago to focus full-time on professional checkers. Maybe they wanted to keep things that way?


coyne fallin

Wayne Coyne, Hipster Boo Boo and their creative fwends

I doubt they had anything to do with it. They're all too busy looking in the mirror.



Chris Landsberger's Protective Wife

Maybe the DDoS attack was revenge for our vicious "attack" on her husband Chris.


photo 5

Chris Landsberger's Boring Lingerie Model

She probably thought it was an easy gig that no one would notice, then we had to point out that she looked about as alive and engaged as Site 5 Tech Support.


fallin lankford kern


Too easy, right?


Anyway, thanks again to Rival Host for saving the day. Hopefully this issue is resolved and we can continue obscure local social blogging.

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