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Hot Girl Friday: Farewell, Courtney Francisco

11:59 AM EDT on June 20, 2014

courtney francisco

The mass exodus at KFOR continues.

According to several Ogle Moles, KFOR reporter Courtney Francisco is leaving (or has already left) KFOR Channel 4. The reason? She's going to star in Broadway's new adaptation of the 1980's smash cartoon "The Littles."

Actually, that's a lie. She's leaving because she's getting married or something. Boring.

We probably should have dedicated more coverage to the Courtney Francisco Treat over the years, but in all honesty, we were waiting for Bob Barry Jr. to flirt with her on Twitter. Maybe now that she's leaving he finally can.

Courtney's greatest Oklahoma City TV moment occurred a couple of months ago when she unknowingly knocked on TLO trivia host Joel Decker's front door to ask him about missing children from a nearby school. I guess she saw Joel's giant blue van in the driveway and thought he would be a logical person to interview. Joel, on the other hand, saw Courtney Francisco knocking on his front door and thought she wanted to interview him about his Happy OKC video. They were both disappointed.

Anyway, here's some Courtney Francisco for Hot Girl Friday. We wish her the best of luck.

courtney francisco oklahoma
court 5
courtney francisco
courtney francisco 4

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