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They’re filming another movie in Oklahoma City…

Michael Ironside

Your head is going to explode when you hear this.

They're filming another movie in Oklahoma City. Yes, another movie. This one is called Element. It doesn't have Selena Gomez or even Chelsea Cope in it, but the film does star the bad guy from Scanners. Hence the awful sentence to start this whole thing.

From News 9 via the AP:

Principal photography is set to start this weekend across Oklahoma City on a feature film about a financial adviser who loses his wife and his memory during a random shooting.

The psychological thriller "Element" will start shooting Saturday. The shoot is expected to take 16 days and will feature locations around Oklahoma's capital, including Paramount Cafe, Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse and the First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City.

The film stars Michael Ironside, who is known for his roles in "Top Gun" and "Total Recall."Table 31 Productions is producing the film in association with Highland Myst Entertainment and Circus Wheel Productions.

So, I looked up all those goofy production companies above and didn't recognize one thing they've done. The best movie on the Highland Myst Entertainment website appears to be something called "Brothel." Here's the description:

After her lover commits suicide, Julianne runs away from her life in the city and moves in the small ghost town of Jerome, Arizona. She purchases an abandoned brothel from the turn of the century, and sets to work turning it into a hotel; but in the process of restoring the past, she comes to know the ghosts of the brothel. Written and directed by Amy Waddell, Brothel stars Serena Scott Thomas (Hostage), Brett Cullen (GhostRider), Bruce Payne (Highlander:Endgame) and Grace Zabriskie (Big Love TV series).

Hey, that's doesn't sound so bad. I hope Element has as much nudity as Brothel probably does. If the Oklahoma Film Rebate program results in bad movies being filmed in our city, those movies might as well have a lot of nudity in them.

So, the obvious question here is why are these people filming in OKC?

Table 31 co-founder Mollie Milligan says producers want Oklahoma City's "vibrant energy" to be a part of the film.

Yeah, "vibrant energy." I can't wait to watch this movie. I heard the chase scene through the lines at H & 8th is pretty damn intense. Hopefully they got some footage of guys playing disc golf.

p.s. - Even though I got the damn Google alert for this story yesterday, the news apparently broke on June 6. Stay with TLO for the late breaking news.

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