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Have a good time at TLO Bingo Night!!!

bree steffen ashley kringen

TLO Trivia Night has some company.

Tomorrow night at 8:00pm we're launching TLO Bingo Night at the 51st St. Speakeasy. It will basically be our version of the treasured American pastime known as Bar Bingo. I'm not sure if Bree Steffen or Ashley Kringen will be there, but they probably should be.

If you don't know what bar bingo is, you've probably never had a one night stand. If you've never had a one night stand, bar bingo is kind of like regular bingo. The only difference is that it's fun and not shameful to play.

Here are some perks:

• Free to play
• Win cash and prizes
• Free to play

• You do not have to enter a bingo hall
• Ability to buy and consume food and alcohol
• Did we mention it's free to play?
• Unlike trivia, bingo does not require any skill or knowledge or brain power

• Chance to have a one night stand

In addition to all that, we're going to offer a $250+ cash jackpot at the end of each TLO Bingo Night. To win it, you have to a) play all six rounds of bingo the night you play, and b) get a bingo in seven numbers in the jackpot round. Easy, huh? If no one claims the jackpot, it will carry over and we'll add $25 to the pot for the next Bingo Night. Whenever it's claimed, the pot will go back down to $250.

Ultimately, our goal is to have four or five TLO Bingo Nights around town just like we do for trivia. If we do that, the jackpot has the potential to increase by $100 a week. If you'd be interested in having us come out to your establishment and host bingo, send us an email.

Until then, come to the 51st St. Speakeasy tomorrow and every Wednesday and play some Bingo. It should be fun. Also, this doesn't affect any of our TLO Trivia Nights. We're still going strong at the following locations if you want to have fun, win cash and show that new coworker how smart you are.

• Tuesday: 51st Street Speakeasy (North OKC) – 8pm
• Wednesday: Local (Norman) – 7pm
• Thursday: Yucatan Taco Stand (Bricktown) – 8pm
• Friday: Buffalo Wild Wings (NW Expressway) – 9pm

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