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Joe Exotic has made some new music videos…

tiger king joe exotic

Back in October, we profiled eccentric animal sanctuary owner Joe Exotic. We took a look at his photos, country music videos, and ever-expanding line of Tiger King condoms and moisturizer.

Here's what we wrote at the time:

And that’s the guy who owns all the tigers in Wynnewood that occasionally try to eat people. Nothing weird or strange or concerning about that…right?

Okay, so maybe it’s a little concerning, but who are we to judge. Just because the guy’s self-absorbed and likes to unzip his pants and pose for PG-rated erotica doesn’t mean he’s not capable of running an animal sanctuary filled with deadly predators. Okay, maybe it does. I don’t know. I think I’m going to take a bath now.

Since we took our baths, Joe Exotic has released several new music videos. One of them – "Do You Ever Wonder What Love Could Do?" – speaks out against government regulations and animal rights groups. Like Joe Exotic's other work, it's cringe-inducingly funny.

Check it out:

Admit it, you really wanted the tiger to eat the weird lady that probably pretends to work at PetSmart. Also, why does every person in that video look like they own a non-ironic wolf t-shirt?

The only thing more absurd than the actual music video is Joe Exotic's description of the song:

"This music was made to show that the love between animals no matter their species has the love and bond with their owners, 90% of animals taken away from their owners with un-just laws die within the first year of depression."

Hahaha. Yes, 90% of animals taken away from their owners due to "unjust laws" die within the first year from depression. Thanks for that stat, Nate Silver. As we know, animals are able to differentiate right from wrong and just from unjust, so that percentage is totally real and based upon scientific research. It's not made up at all.

Fortunately for people who like either hysterical, unintentional comedy or brilliant performance art, that's not the only new Joe Exotic clip on the web. There's this one where he and a popular adult film actress try to raise $2,000 for the Ronald McDonald house:

And this one where he introduces his new magician:

Of course, Joe has more videos of him singing such great songs as Pretty Woman Lover:

And polygamous gay weddings:

Anyway, there are plenty of other Joe Exotic clips on his YouTube page. You can check them all out there. In fact, can you go like some of them? One of our goals for 2014 is to trick Christina Fallin into thinking Joe Exotic is really cool and invite him to be in her next band. Their musical talents seem to match, so it would work out. They could be the Pink Ligers or something.

h/t KOCO 

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