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Westboro Baptist Church assholes were run out of Moore! (videos)

moore marquee westboro

The attention whores from Westboro Baptist Church finally stopped by Moore yesterday to protest the hysterical Moore Liquor marquee that celebrated founder Fred Phelps' death.

The protest went about as well as you could imagine.

Well, it almost did. Although the Westboro idiots didn't get punched or struck by a big gay rainbow bolt of lightning, the church's protest was cut short thanks to a counter-protest by a mob of angry Moore residents, tornado victims and the cast from Sons of Anarchy.

It was a pretty cool scene, and the classic battle of bad first amendment rights versus good first amendment rights. You had the church protesters silently holding up their "HEY LOOK AT US" (a.k.a. God Hates Fags) signs and banners, while across the street, divided by a loosely organized wall of police officers and a parade of obnoxious motorcycles and loud diesel trucks, there were counter-protesters screaming, hissing, and tossing inappropriate sign language Westboro's way. Eventually, some brave counter-protesters who look like they've probably been in a bar fight or two tried to cross the road to face the Westboro idiots. Since the Moore police didn't seem all that interested in stopping them, the Westboro folks scattered into their vans and fled the scene like they got diarrhea from Pickle's.

As I said, it went about as well as you could imagine.

Channel 5 has a pretty good recap and video, but the third-place news channel in OKC doesn't allow video embedding on other websites, so screw them and all the pageviews we would have sent their way.

Here are some YouTube clips of all the action instead:

That's so awesome. My favorite part is near the 50-second mark where the cop uses his bicycle to block a guy from crossing the street. When the only thing blocking an angry mob from you and your "God hates fags" sign is a cop's bicycle, it's probably a good idea to flee like an OSU fan after Bedlam. I'm just upset they got away. I wish they would have been caught, tarred and feathered, and then forced to listen to Toby Keith music.

Here's the scene from another angle:

For a long time, my stance on the Westboro Baptist Church was to just ignore them. I figured if you gave them attention and / or let their signs and actions offend you, that you were giving them what they wanted and letting them win. I still kind of feel that way, but I have no problem giving counter protestors the attention and praise they deserve. Great job, everyone.

By the way, I also felt that we should ignore grown men who show up to events dressed like Captain America, but while we're breaking rules...

Yeah, that's the same weirdo was at last Monday's big teacher protest. Channel 5 played a clip in yesterday's broadcast where he suggested the Westboro Church protesters catch a flight on Malaysian airlines. How Captain America of you.

Anyway, congrats to the all the people of Moore for making the Westboro folks piss their pants and flee. Maybe they can pool their resources and do the same thing to those sick anti-abortion folks that protest in front of high schools with aborted fetus posters. I won't complain.

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