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New Wayne Coyne’s jumping on the headdress controversy bandwagon…


This past weekend, Wayne Coyne and his girlfriend Katy Weaver were in LA drinking Mountain Dew with Shaun White, working on some projects for Funny or Die, and probably snorting a lot of cocaine.

While there, Wayne decided to pay homage to his good friend Christina Fallin (a.k.a. Hipster Boo Boo) by snapping some pics of his girlfriend, a couple of posers, and a dog posing in a Native American headdress. Because he's such a wild rebel, he then posted the pics to Instagram.

Check it out:

wayne coyne headdress

Yawn. I was expecting some nudity, too.

Anyway, this charade is about as surprising as Wayne walking around in a hamster ball. In fact, it's hard to believe he didn't do something like this sooner. Like just about everything else New Wayne Coyne does in life, he obviously posted this for the shock value, attention, and to hide the fact that he's a 53-year-old sellout who's best years are way behind him.

Seriously, I really hope people don't get too pissed off or offended by this. By doing so, you're basically letting New Wayne Coyne win. Instead, people should call out Wayne for being a coward and not posting any photos of him wearing the headdress. I guess he's fine making his girlfriend, hipster cronies and a freaking dog look like disrespectful idiots, but he didn't have the courage to do it himself. He probably didn't want to jeopardize the sponsorships that fund his new rock star lifestyle. Stick it to the man and be a rebel... to a point.

And just to be clear, he did this out of homage to Christina Fallin. Birds of an attention crazed feather flock together:

wayne coyne headdress christina fallin

I'm honestly not sure what's sadder. Is it that 1,447 people liked the demeaning photo, or that Wayne Coyne's shock art is being inspired by Christina Fallin? Her creativity is about as authentic as a box of pancake mix. That's a new low for a man that's getting pretty damn good at hitting new lows. Expect him to issue a condescending apology letter where he tries to defend his obviously contrived attempt for attention and haters. It will probably be a lot like Hipster Boo Boo's letter, but with some casual "mother fuckers" and "freaks" thrown in for effect.

Like I usually do with posts about the New Wayne Coyne, lets take a look back and remember the Old Wayne Coyne. Here's a video of the commencement speech he gave to the students at Classen School of Advanced Studies in 2006. It's sincere, thoughtful, touching, and given by a totally different person.

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