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We can probably get jobs at this new Pakistani restaurant…

10:38 AM EDT on March 25, 2014

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is called The Cafe. Remember that one? The main plot is Jerry convinces a struggling cafe owner named Babu to switch his restaurant to Pakistani cuisine. The switch totally fails, the restaurant closes, and Babu tells Jerry he's "a very very bad man."

The episode begins with Jerry performing a classic stand-up bit about doomed business locations:

I bring all this up because, ironically enough, a Pakistani restaurant has opened in a cursed location about a mile or so from my house. Weird, huh? It's called Sheesh Mahal and you'll find it where the old Zorba's used to be near 43rd and May. Since Zorba's moved five or six years ago, the location has really struggled to find a successful tennant. It first turned into Mexican restaurant that barely lasted a year, and was then followed by an awful Italian place that also failed.

Just how Jerry rooted for Babu, I really want Sheesh Mahal to work out. Not only will it be good for the neighborhood, but it will probably piss off all the angry racist Derplahomans who drive by. Plus, it will give Marisa a quiet, peaceful location to take Spencer's next IQ test.

Unfortunately, I'm not very confident the restaurant will succeed. Just check out this pic an Ogle Mole sent me yesterday:

Sheesh Mahal

What's.... the deal... with typos. Have you seen these things? Tell me, who's the ad genius that came up with that one!

Seriously, that's a major sign fail. Not only is that a pretty blatant typo, but it's a potentially very racist typo. Maybe they hired Janet Barresi's staff to make the signs. Expect the Oklahoman to send their photography team out to take some pics.

Couple of final notes:

1. Obligatory TLO Typo Disclaimer: Yes, I know this site is filled with typos. Yes, I know we're hypocrites. At least we'll have a place to work when this site finally fails.

2. To add an extra layer of weirdness to this, I checked out some of the Sheesh Mahal reviews on Yelp. They were pretty mixed. One person left a bunch of pics. I scrolled through and stumbled across this:

sheesh mahal paul folger

Uhm, is that KOCO's Paul Folger eating Pakistani food? It sure looks like it. Maybe this was all his idea. If so, what a "very very bad man."

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