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Ogle Madness VII: First Round Recap

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Much like the OU men's basketball season, the first round of Ogle Madness is done. The only difference is Ogle Madness was successful and will continue.

For the first week, we had about 17,500 votes cast. Pretty cool.

Here are the first round results:


emily sutton fishing

Northeast: Upper Bracket

This region went according to form. Serge Ibaka's Friend was a trendy upset pick, but I think voters were confused who his friend was.

(1) Emily Sutton (505 votes) defeated (16) Janet Barresi (70 votes)

(8) Reed Timmer (347 votes) defeated (9) Dean Blevins (237 votes)

(4) The Ogle Brothers (396 votes)  defeated (13) Rit Mathis (171 votes)

(5) Damon Lane (303 votes) defeated (12) Serge Ibaka’s Friend (271 votes)

Next Week's Game to Watch: Emily Sutton vs Reed Timmer


scott hines

Northeast: Lower Bracket

The first two upsets cam in this round, with Steve Lackmeyer and Scott Hines' Corner both pulling off upsets. Teh selection committee really blew it by giving Street Outlaws a 2-seed.

(11) Steve Lackmeyer (336 votes) defeated (6) Cardboard Jim Traber (322 votes)

(3) Jessica Schambach (479 votes) defeated (14) Austin Holland (116 votes)

(7) Benchwarmers (405 votes) defeated (10) Regular Jim Traber (183 votes)

(15) Scott Hines’ Corner (347 votes) defeated (2) Street Outlaws (231 votes)

Next Week's Game to Watch: Scott Hine's Corner vs. Benchwarmers


gary england

Midwest: Upper Bracket

Our dream match-up of a second round battled between Mike and Marla Morgan went up in smoke thanks to Vanity Perkins.

(1) Gary England (402 votes) defeated (16) Captain Bigot from Enid (74 votes)

(8) Marcus Smart (287 votes) defeated (9) Thayer Evans (198 votes)

(4) Marla Morgan (264 votes) defeated (13) Danny Bowien (202 votes)

(12) Vanity Perkins (276 votes) defeated (5) Mike Morgan (195 votes)

Next Week's Game to Watch: Vanity Perkins vs. Marla Morgan



Midwest: Lower Bracket

No big surprises here. Expect Linda Cavanaugh to wear a headdress to celebrate her victory over Christina Fallin.

(6) Sweet Brown (356 votes) defeated (11) Reuters Reporters (180 votes)

(3) Olivia Munn (402 votes) defeated (14) OU Tuba Players (136 votes)

(7) Linda Cavanaugh (339 votes) defeated (10) Christina Fallin (197 votes)

(2) Russell Westbrook (493 votes) defeated (15) Oklahoma Digital Desk (42 votes)

Next Week's Game to Watch: Olivia Munn vs. Sweet Brown


Kevin Durant

Southeast: Upper Bracket

Baphomet, a real devil, got more votes than wannabe devil's Krystal Keith, Skip Bayless and Jenni Carlson.

(1) Kevin Durant (416 votes) defeated (16) Baphomet (187 votes)

(8) Bibi Jones (457 votes) defeated (9) Krystal Keith (127 votes)

(4) Mike Gundy (483 votes) defeated (13) Skip Bayless (149 votes)

(5) David Payne (459 votes) defeated (12) Jenni Carlson (128 votes)

Next Week's Game to Watch: Kevin Durant vs. Bibi Jones


lacey swope 5

Southeast: Lower Bracket

The aura and mystique of Wayne Coyne has fallen so far that he was dominated by the Paula Dean of bloggers.

(6) Lacey Swope  (559 votes) defeated (11) Aaron Tuttle (81 votes)

(3) Bob Stoops (447 votes) defeated vs. (14) KFOR’s Social Media Bandit (180 votes)

(10) The Pioneer Woman (383 votes) defeated (7) Wayne Coyne (242 votes)

(2) Carrie Underwood (485 votes) defeated (15) Fake Miss Oklahoma (128 votes)

Next Week's Game to Watch: Bob Stoops vs. Lacey Swope


joleen chaney pinkdress

West: Upper Bracket

Expect the Video Vigilante to leave a very nasty restaurant review of Wes Welker's.

(1) Joleen Chaney (468 votes) defeated (16) Pooping Tom (101 votes)

(8) Wes Welker (406 votes) defeated (9) Video Vigilante (146 votes)

(4) Non-Chunky Thunder Girls (385 votes) defeated (13) OKC Seahawks (168 votes)

(5) Mayor Mick Cornett (490 votes) defeated (12) Mary Fallin (59 votes)

Next Week's Game to Watch: Non-Chunky Thunder Girls vs. Mayor Mick Cornett


Kelsey Griswold 1

West: Lower Bracket

The Real Housewives of OKC only garnered 66 votes, which is probably the amount of people who would watch the show.

(6) Real Miss Oklahoma (367 votes) defeated (11) Emily Sutton’s Fireman Boyfriend (132 votes)

(3) Abigail Ogle (318 votes)  defeated (14) Derplahomans (163 votes)

(7) Wendy Suares (261 votes)  defeated (10) Earthquakes (222 votes)

(2) Kristin Chenoweth (418 votes) defeated (15) Real Housewives of OKC (66 votes)

Next Week's Game to Watch: Kristin Chenoweth vs. Wendy Suares


Anyway, thanks to everyone for voting and making Ogle Madness VII a success. See you next week.

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