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Hooray!!! Colorado weed has made its way to Oklahoma…

colorado weed

Hide the women and children! Lock the doors! Make sure your tornado shelter has plenty of water (and Doritos)! Colorado weed has finally made its way to the Sooner state.

Wait. That's a good thing. Right? I ask because this article on News 9 makes it sound really awful.

From News 9:

Oklahoma Cops Bust Suspected Colorado Pot Operation

It appears Oklahoma law enforcement officers' fears are turning into a reality.

Bethany police busted a marijuana operation early Wednesday with help from the Oklahoma City Police Department. Officers say the drugs discovered may have originated in Colorado, where marijuana is now legal. Two people were arrested and sent to the Oklahoma County Jail.

Oh, give me a fucking break. Fears turning into a reality? I think someone is getting a little paranoid. Get them a glass of water and some Thin Mints.

Trust me, this is not the first time Colorado marijuana has been sold in Oklahoma. Not that I would know or anything, but even if this was, why does it matter? It's not like good weed is hard to find. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who knows Wayne Coyne.

The story continues:

Police tell News 9 they found a stolen gun and more than $22,000 in cash. Not much pot was left in a bag large enough to hold two gallons of the cannabis plant, according to officers.

"We found scales, baggies – everything to go with drug sales," Bethany police Det. Mark Girten said.

Detectives had been monitoring the pair ever since they received tip of suspicious activity, according to Girten. Police would not elaborate on the Colorado connection because it is part of their ongoing investigation.

So Channel 9's not 100% entirely sure it's even Colorado weed?! I guess that does go along with their new slogan: News 9 - Where We Think We Get The Story Right.

Girten says officers are bracing themselves for more work ahead thanks to the state's northwestern neighbor.

"[Marijuana] will be easier to get and to bring back to Oklahoma," said Girten. "We're probably going to see more of it."

That's good. I'd rather see more Colorado weed than the brick stuff from California.

Anyway, instead of stirring up fear and paranoia for cheap ratings, why didn't News 9 focus on how absurd it is that these people had to sell out-of-state marijuana from their living room as opposed to a licensed retail outlet where it can be taxed and regulated, and as a result, are now going to jail? That's the true fear and reality.

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