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Sally Kern continues to entertain…


Say what you want about Sally Kern, but at least she provides plenty of good material.

Over the past couple of days, some of her Onionesque legislation has made its way through the Oklahoma House of Representatives. The first would require piercing and tattoo parlors to warn their clients about the dangers of tongue piercing. You know, because that's a concern we all have.

From KFOR:

The State House has unanimously passed a bill that would warn would-be clients of the dangers of tongue piercing.

Rep. Sally Kern has authored House Bill 3403 that would require the Oklahoma Board of Health to help

“Many of today’s young people are getting their tongue pierced, which is their right; however, they are doing so without the understanding of the health risks involved,” Kern said, R-Oklahoma City. “It is the job of the state to help ensure the safety and well-being of the health of its citizenry, as well as to protect the consumer.”

Kern said one of the most common dangers includes loss of teeth.

The Rep. said food can gather around the piercing and get digested by saliva which creates acid.

That acid then leeches minerals from teeth damaging them which could eventually lead to tooth loss.

I guess I'm fine with that. If the warning makes some girl from Midwest City aware of the risks associated with having some dude who looks like he was in ZZ Top thrust a piece of jewelry into her tongue, I guess that's a good thing. While they're at it, maybe can they also warn the people who want to get those gigantic holes put in their ears that they will look like idiots.

In addition to that piece of legislation, another bill introduced by Sally Kern sailed through the House of Representatives. This one will solve the age-old problem of not having enough guns on school campuses.

From the

On Monday, the state House of Representatives voted 76-17 to allow handguns in locked cars in school parking lots, provided the gun owner is properly licensed.

BB 2329, by Rep. Sally Kern, came in for considerable questioning, particularly a provision that included motorcycles and motorscooters as "locked vehicles" in which a gun could be kept.

Rep. Ann Coody, R-Lawton, said her greatest fear as a school principal had been that someone would bring a gun on campus. She said she found it "absolutely frightening" that the bill allows the gun to be left in plain sight inside the car.

Kern said the law reaffirms the right of "law-abiding citizens" to carry guns and that school-related shooting deaths might have been averted had guns been more accessible to teachers and staff.

"Who would have time to run out to their car and get a locked gun" in such circumstances, Coody asked.

"They just might," said Kern. "It's possible."

This could also be a good thing. I suffered with "behavior problems" in high school, and had I known there was a chance Ms. Armstrong had a gun in her car, I would have behaved much much better. Or be dead. One of the two.

Seriously, who doesn't want more guns in schools? That will obviously make them safer. My only suggestion is that we warn the people who lock guns in their car about the dangers of firearms. As Sally Kern said in the tongue piercing law, "it is the job of the state to help ensure the safety and well-being of the health of its citizenry," and as we know, nothing is worse for the teeth than getting shot in the head.

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