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News 9 should blame Obamacare for this awful story…

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I'm not a big Obamacare guy. I think some parts of it are okay, but overall, it's a confusing, impractical and flawed piece of legislation that relies too heavily on people taking personal responsibility and actually purchasing health insurance. Considering it's a signature piece of communist legislation designed to bring down society, that's kind of ironic.

Anyway, Channel 9 ran a story last night that unintentionally proves my point.

OKC Woman Blames Obamacare For Husband Losing Insurance

An Oklahoma woman says because of Obamacare her husband lost his insurance, and almost his life.

Laura Hubbs works for an oil company in western Oklahoma. Her employer told employees this fall that because of the Affordable Care Act it was too costly to continue paying insurance premiums for spouses. So her husband didn't have insurance when he got sick three weeks ago.

Uhm, when did Meer's get in the oil and natural gas business? Maybe they're trying to purchase a new bun slicer.

Anyway, I'm sure it was Obamacare that led to this mystery company cutting your husband's health benefits. They weren't using it as a convenient scapegoat to appease employees.

Lenny Hubbs was just released from the hospital Monday afternoon after an ordeal that cost him part of his lung and over $100,000 in hospital bills.

Doctors diagnosed Lenny with pneumonia and said his lungs were filling with blood. Lenny, who is a self-employed contractor was always on his wife's insurance. After that ended, they say premiums were too high for them to afford on their own and they don't qualify for Medicaid.

"He's healthy, he's never went into the Dr. before," said Hubbs.

That's really awful. If only there was a law that made health insurance more affordable. Wouldn't that be great? Then hard-working folks like these people wouldn't have their finances ruined by one trip to the hospital.

Without insurance, the couple believes they didn't get proper care at two hospitals, sitting at one hospital for nine days where they say doctors did nothing. A couple days ago the couple demanded to be transferred to Mercy Hospital where Lenny finally got help.

"They went ahead and removed half of his lung just because that blood sat in there too long," said Laura.

Uhm, he was stuck in the hospital for 9 days with a bleeding lung and they didn't do anything? Shouldn't that be the story here?

It will be a month before Lenny can return to work. In the meantime, Laura has been frantically searching for insurance they can afford.

Frantically searching? When did health insurance become the set of car keys you can't find when running late? I think I heard in the news about some website that allegedly sells insurance. I can't remember it's name.

"I couldn't even get the good insurance with it, because that was $500 a month."

Laura, however, has not tried to find insurance on That's the only place where you can see if you qualify for tax breaks on premiums. She is looking into it.

Laura also says her employer was very helpful through all this, by paying for her hotel and expenses while Lenny was in the hospital and continuing to pay her salary.

So your employer can afford to pay for hotel and expenses while your husband's in the hospital? That's nice. If only there was some sort of insurance the company could provide to employees to prevent things like this from happening.

Anyway, that's the end of the report. Other than a cheap ploy to appease the Obama hating crowd out there, I'm honestly not sure what the point of it was. Instead of "OKC Woman Blames Obamacare For Husband Losing Insurance," a more appropriate headline and story focus would have been "Woman Learns About" or "This is why you should get health insurance."

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