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8 Reasons to Vote for Mayor Mick Cornett today…

Oklahoma City will choose a mayor today. Well, kind of. We'll be lucky to have over 30,000 voters, so it's more like a few people around town will choose a mayor today. As a voter, that works for me.

To get you in the voting spirit (and to remind you to get out and vote), I thought I'd share 8 reasons why you should vote for either Mayor Cornett or Councilman Shadid. As the title suggests, these are the 8 reasons to vote for Mayor Mick. If you don't like them, check out the 8 reasons to vote for Ed Shadid. If you don't like those, you should probably move to Mustang.

Here we go:

1. You're a member of the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce and / or Ruling Elite

These people really like Mick Cornett. Or let me re-phrase that, Mayor Cornett really likes these people. He'd better. They're the ones who get to pick the mayor.



2. Uhm, he did go to school at NYU

The Shadid camp tried to turn that into a negative issue, but I think it's pretty bad ass. It's almost as cool as being a member of the Oklahoma City Community College Alumni Hall of Fame.


gazette spencer cover

3. You dislike marijuana and/or snorting coke with one of the male prostitutes pictured above

In all fairness, Ed Shadid denied he ever sorted coke with a male prostitute.


4. Two Words: Fresco Menu

My original choice was going to be "You lost weight on the Mayor's Fresco menu," but that would be technically impossible.



5. You publish a website called The

This is a local political blog that's probably run by one of David Holt's friends from high school. It's basically the social conservative Republican version of the Red Dirt Report, only without constant references to Ancient Aliens.


mayor cornett thunder

6. Thunder Up, Bitches

Yeah, that whole NBA in OKC thing ended up being a big deal. Glad we did that one.


lincoln douglass

7. Debates give you intestinal cramps

Not agreeing to a debate with Shadid was one of the most irritating things Cornett did – or technically didn't do– during the campaign. In fact, it was almost as irritating as listening to the people in the Shadid camp complain about it.


mick for mayor

8. He advertises on The Lost Ogle

This is probably the most important reason to vote for Mick Cornett today. Not only did he lead this city through its Renaissance, but he's also made us rich. Vote Mayor Mick today!

(Editor's Note: Click here to view "8 Reasons to Vote for Ed Shadid.")

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