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Abigail Ogle and Erin Andrews bonded on Twitter…

1:20 PM EST on February 26, 2014


Earlier this week, "Dancing with the Stars" announced it was replacing co-host Brooke Burke with sports reporter Erin Andrews. According to US Weekly, producers made the switch to bring a "young male following" to the show. That makes a lot of sense. If there's one thing that will get young male viewers to watch the same dated reality program as their mom, defeated father and grandparents, it's an attractive reporter who lost most of her relevance when she jumped to Fox Sports.

The announcement got the attention of KOCO's Abigail Ogle. She sent the following tweet to Erin Andrews:

abigail ogle

Oops. I'm really getting bad at this. That was a tweet Abigail Ogle sent last November that calls out girls who want to be the next Erin Andrews. We featured it in our MMT's.

Here's the recent tweet Abigail sent to Erin Andrews regarding Dancing With The Stars:

abigail ogle erin andrews 2

Hmmm. Abigail Ogle is inspired by Erin Andrews? Is that what we're teaching? She's supposed to be herself! Be original!

Okay, I apologize. I'm kind of being an asshole and using Abigail Ogle's own words against her. When you consider Abigail can probably kick my ass and will run the world some day, that's a stupid thing to do.

For some reason, Erin Andrews noticed the tweet and replied back:

abigail ogle erin andrews

Thank you for getting it? Uhm, what exactly did she "get?" Pursuing and advancing your career? I think that's something we all understand, comprehend and don't have a problem with. Since that's the case, will Erin @-reply us? We'd take it. The only celebs we can get to acknowledge us on Twitter are Jim Ross and Nick Collison. If she did, we'd even encourage our following of "young men" to watch Dancing With The Stars. Actually, I take that back. That would be taking things too far.

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