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Kent Ogle made a joke about truck stop prostitutes (video)

1:35 PM EST on February 6, 2014


Earlier this morning, KFOR Channel 4 sent meteorologist Chase Thomason to 1-40 and Morgan Road for the obligatory winter weather live shot at a highway overpass.

At the close of his report, Thomason did the typical Oklahoma City news media thing where he suggested viewers stay inside all day and fear the weather and shut down the local economy. He even suggested that you just "grab a cuddle partner and enjoy the snow."

Being ever alert, Kent Ogle jumped all over it:

That's pretty funny. If only he could have thrown in a "We'd like to thank the Video Vigilante for being today's fill in camera man" or something. Actually, never mind. That would have ruined it.

Anyway, I think it's about time Kent Ogle gets his own editorial piece. He's the funniest of the Ogle brothers, and it would be way better than Kelly's "My Two Cents," Kent's "The Rant" or Abigail's "Oh my God, look at me!!!" Of course, watching Paul Folger eat a bowl of cereal would also be better than all those things, but you get my point.

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