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Some dude stole a school bus because he was cold…


There are many ways to tell that you've hit rock bottom in life. One of the most common is to steal a school bus in Stonewall and then take it on a joyride to Ada.

From KXII:

A man was arrested Tuesday night after police say he admitted stealing a Stonewall school bus.

Police say Decoteau Imotichey turned himself in saying he stole the bus around 5 a.m. and took it because it was cold outside.

He told police the keys were in the ignition so he turned on the heater and drove off.

The bus was recovered about four and a half hours later in Ada.

Imotichey is charged with larceny of an automobile.

He stole a school bus because he was a cold? Was there not an empty guitar case lying around? We now cancel school in Oklahoma City when the weather dips into the 20s, so that probably wasn't the brightest idea. I guess they don't retain heat very well or something.

Anyway, the real news here is that we've cited stories from Ardmore's KXII Channel 12 and Lawton's KSWO News 7 on the same day. I think that's the first time that's ever happened. Maybe we should open things up and cover these places in Oklahoma that we'd never want to live more often. They seem to be good sources of material. If so, can we include their anchors on our list of the 20 Hottest? Please advise.

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