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“League of Champions” Recap: Week 1

10:00 AM EST on January 13, 2014

Book Hockey - Winning Team of Thursday Night Trivia at Yucatan Taco Stand

I told you last week that we were adding a new "League of Champions" series for TLO Trivia Night. In case you missed it, teams now accumulate points based on where they finish at any one of our trivia nights. In April, we're inviting the 14 teams with the most points to a $1,500 Champions Match.

Each Monday we're going to post the "League of Champions" standings and a brief recap of each trivia night. When you check it out, remember a couple of things:

• It's not too late to get involved in the League of Champions. If you played TLO Trivia Night in the past, this would be a good time to get the team back together for a triumphant return (we're looking at you, Team Firecrotch). The qualifying period will last three months, so you still have time.

• You don't have to be part of the League of Champions to play TLO Trivia Night. You can still win cash prizes, beer, and have a good time without being part of the league.

Anyway, here is this week's recap:


51 St. Speakeasy   •   Tuesday   •   8pm   

Best Team Name: Incest - A Game The Whole Family Can Play

Final Standings:

First Place: Alabama's Worst Knightmare (League Name: All Knight Long)
Second Place: Hideous Jake (League Name: Team UU)
Third Place: Magic Johnson's Immune System (League Name: Magic Johnson's Immune System)

Total Teams: 15



Local   •   Wednesday    •    7pm

Best Team Name: Tread Lightly and Have an A-1 Day

Final Standings:

First Place: Hodor (Hodor)
Second Place: The Germans & The Jermans (To Be Determined)
Third Place: 0-1 Without Ryan Gomes (0-1 Without Ryan Gomes)

Total Teams: 5



Yucatan Taco Stand   •   Thursday   •   8:00pm

Best Team Name: Book Hockey

Final Standings:

First Place: Book Hockey (Book Hockey)
Second Place: I was Going to Play Trivia but Then I Got High (TB2D)
Third Place: Ramrod (Ramrod)

Total Teams: 5


kendrick perkins darnell mayberry

Buffalo Wild Wings on NW Expressway  •  Friday  •  9:00pm

Best Team Name: The Snake in Kendrick Perkins' Grass

Final Standings:

First Place: The Snake in Kendrick Perkins Grass (All Knight Long)
Second Place: The Bergin Hunt & Fish Club (The Bergin Hunt & Fish Club)
Third Place: Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly Again

Total Teams: 18


Overall "League of Champions Week 1" Standings

After one week, here are the standings the "League of Champions." Obviously, expect this to change as more teams play and we have more trivia nights. The top 14 will earn an invite to our $1,500 Champions Match in April.

RankLeague NameTotal Points
1All Knight Long20
2Book Hockey9
4Team UU7
4The Bergin Hunt & Fish Club7
6Magic Johnson's Immune System6
7To Be Determined5
9Johnny Glasses4
100-1 Without Ryan Gomes3
10Larry Bird doesn't need an immune system3
133.45 Miles1
13Hootie and the Blowjobs1
13Last Place1
13Pistols Backfiring1
13Rosa Parks Didn't Call Shot Gun1
13Team What?1
13Tread Lightly and Have an A-1 Day1
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