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Here’s Pearl Jam Bassist Jeff Ament wearing a F*ck the Thunder T-shirt…

Not that it matters or anything, but check out this t-shirt Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament is wearing in the undated photo below. It was brought to our attention by a TLO commenter:

jeff ament

I don't know about you, but I liked Jeff Ament better when he wore flannel, stupid hats and rode Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard and Mike McCready's coattails. He's still doing one of those things, by the way.

With Pearl Jam playing at the Peak tomorrow night, I'll just close with the same thing I wrote when we "broke" the "news" that Eddie Vedder is pissed off with all the Thunder Fuckers in Oklahoma City:

I think we should have a little fun with this. Maybe we can arrange to have Rumble rappel down from the ceiling of the Peake during the guitar solo in “Alive.” I’m sure the band would get a kick out of that. Or better yet, what if we all wore blue Thunder playoff t-shirts and chanted “O-K-C” whenever they played any song released after Yield. That’s actually a pretty damn good idea. We should do it.

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