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10 Last-Minute Oklahoma Halloween Costume Ideas…

8:30 AM EDT on October 31, 2013

With today being Halloween and everything, there's a strong possibility that you already have your Halloween costume figured out. If that's the case, congratulations! You're a normal human being with the ability to plan things in advance and complete simple tasks.

If you're not one of those people, or you celebrated Halloween last weekend and feel weird about wearing the same costume twice, or you celebrated Halloween last weekend and your costume really needs to be dry cleaned, here are 10 last-minute Oklahoma-themed Halloween costumes ideas. I don't know if they'll win you a costume contest, but they're pretty easy to pull off.

Check them out:

serge ibaka

1. Serge Ibaka

Wear a Thunder playoff shirt, silver gym pants and, well, the rest I'll leave up to you.


emily sutton friend

2. Emily Sutton's Friend

This is as simple as it gets. Just be like Emily Sutton's brother / cousin / childhood friend and prance around in swim trunks with a blue towel wrapped around your neck. Everyone will like it because it has something to do with Emily Sutton.



3. Thayer Evans

Wear a suit, put a bunch of gel in your hair, and then blow dry it so it looks like you stepped out of the futuristic wind tunnel where they test the aerodynamic balance of spaceships. Also, watch out for anyone wearing orange. Specifically this guy...


carson cunnigham

4. Carson Cunningham

Carson Cunningham is a sports anchor for KOCO Channel 5. He was also one of the most vocal defenders of Oklahoma State during the recent Thayer Evans / SI Scandal. Wow, great job, OSU and the local media. Now even I'm calling it the Thayer Evans / SI Scandal.

Anyway, dressing up as Carson Cunningham is easy. Wear normal clothes, but be sure to put on a pair of orange underwear.

P.S. - Not to re-live the already dated Thayer Evans / SI Scandal, but check out this take down of Carson Cunningham and the hypocritical bias of the local media by Jeff Pearlman.


amanda taylor excited

5. Amanda Taylor

Another easy one. Walk around the party drenched in water while holding a doll. When people ask what happened, act modest and then proceed to brag about your heroism and bravery.


tiger king joe exotic

6. Joe Exotic

Don't forget. If you dress up as Joe Exotic for Halloween, you should be prepared and bring along a living, breathing, man-killing tiger. You should also grab some Tiger King condoms. The rule I live by is if you bring a tiger to Halloween party and nobody dies, you'll probably get laid.


Kenneth Webster Enlow

7. The Pooping Tom

Maybe that's not a good idea. Scratch that one...


B 2013 OK State Fair - AHHHHHHHHH


If you're looking for a couples costume and want to scare and gross out everyone at the Halloween party, the runner-up photo from our State Fair Photo Contest isn't a bad choice. Actually, it's a terrible choice. Unless you're a midget and have a hot wife.



9. Ghost of James Harden

Sorry, I'm still bitter about the damn trade. Especially after last night.

First, you need to find your old James Harden jersey. You know, the one that you said you were going to burn, but then decided to keep at the last second so you could "donate it to the Salvation Army?" Yeah, get it out from the bag of clothes at the bottom of your closet, put on a fake beard and wear some white pants and drink from a bottle, and there you go, the Ghost of James Harden.


10. Real Housewives of Oklahoma City

Once again, these are supposed to be last-minute ideas. Just dress up like you're going to Groovy's.

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