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Stereotypes About Your City: Bethany

8:30 AM EDT on September 25, 2013

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From time to time, we here at The Lost Ogle like to make fun of different cities in Oklahoma. It’s fun. (You should hear what we have to say about Gotebo.) But this got us to thinking. Why not do a series about various stereotypes that we all associate with different cities in Oklahoma? Well, seeing as how I’m pretty much down for anything, I decided to take on this momentous task in a series of posts.

So, without further ado, I give you 10 stereotypes about Bethany.


1. The average age is a million years old.

I make this assumption based on the fact that I’ve been to Bethany a total of twice, and both times it seemed as if I was the youngest person around. And I’ve never really run into anyone my age who claims to be from there. This only furthers the notion that only old folks live there. Bethany may be the unofficial retirement community of the OKC metro.



2. Everyone attends two churches and leads a bible study group.

More than likely, one of those churches is either Council Road or BFC.


buy for less bethany

3. People still occasionally call the grocery store at 23rd and Council "Snyders."



4. Half of the city's residents won't read this because they know the internet is evil.

Or they can't afford it.



5. White people everywhere

Ask Charles Barkley. The OKC metro isn’t exactly the most diverse community in the world. This goes double for Bethany.



6. Most of the town's youth spends a lot of time getting out of Bethany.

Bethany is like 5 square miles of boredom. It’s only logical that you spend time trying to get out. Just don't get lost in Warr Acres.


swadleys 2

7. Swadley's for all three meals, seven days a week.

Hey, at least it's not Rib Crib.


oj pc west

8. Everyone thinks it's totally normal for all high school students to dance to "Push It" and call their school spirit "OJ."


bethany city seal

9. The cops suck.

This stereotype is actually true.



10. If these don’t apply to you, then you’re going to SNU on a nursing scholarship.

There are outliers in every data set. You’re young, multicultural, and open minded. Basically, everything the rest of Bethany is not.


Before you get all worked up, remember that I got my start on The Lost Ogle by making fun of my hometown. Know that I make fun of all Oklahoma equally.

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