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Some lady from Enid tried to exorcise demons from a dog…

Karla Bullock oklahoma

July has been a bad month for animals in Oklahoma.

We've had a Korn fan beat and kill his dog in public, some asshole drown a couple of ducks in muriatic acid, and who knows what did or did not happen to that lady's poor cat. We also had a woman in Enid (pictured above) try to exorcise demons from a dog.

From the Enid News and Eagle:

A 35-year-old Enid woman was arraigned Thursday on a felony count of animal cruelty, for trying to choke her sister’s dog because it had a demon inside it.

According to an affidavit filed in the case, Bullock’s family called police when she began choking an 11-year-old husky/ chow mix by tightening its collar.

The women told police about 7:30 p.m. that night Bullock said the dog had a demon. They said Bullock began yelling in strange, deep voice that the dog had to die to expel the demon.

The dog’s owner said the dog was lethargic and appeared as if it were about to pass out after the incident. Bullock eventually let go of the dog after being told the police had been called.

Bullock is being held in lieu of $1,000 bond and was ordered to return to court Aug. 19 for a bond appearance.

Wow. That's kind of over the top. Whenever I think Rowdy has demons, I just show him the mess he made, call him a "bad boy" and then put him outside. Then after a few minutes I feel guilty, let him back inside, and give him a couple of Pup-Peronis. I don't try to strangle him. Then again, I'm not a meth addict so what do I know.

Actually, meth had to play a part in this right? Is there a bad batch floating across the state that makes people want to kill animals? Or, did she just look at the dog and think she was staring into a mirror and get really confused. Maybe she was pretending to be McGruff the Crime Dog. I kind of hope so. Not only would that be ironic, but it would explain her "strange deep voice."

Anyway, I guess I should go ahead and apologize to all the animals of Oklahoma (including squirrels). Not only do you have to worry about these crazies coming after you, but you have assholes like me trying to make light of the dangers you face. If you all want to move out-of-state, create you own peaceful colony at Martin Nature Park or shit in my lawn, I totally understand.

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