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Kelsey Griswold is our new Miss Oklahoma

Kelsey Griswold 1

We have a new Miss Oklahoma!

Her name is Kelsey Griswold. She's from Tulsa, attends Oklahoma City University and competed in the pageant as Miss Bricktown. Yeah, Miss Bricktown. Her talent was finding free parking.

From The Tulsa World:

Kelsey Griswold, competing as Miss Bricktown, won the Miss Oklahoma title at Oral Roberts University's Mabee Center. Griswold, of Tulsa, is a theater major at Oklahoma City University.

Griswold won the rookie talent award and tied for the overall talent award Wednesday for her vocal performance of "Everybody Says Don't." She won the first preliminary swimsuit competition on Tuesday...

As part of her winnings, Griswold, 20, will receive a $16,000 scholarship and will compete at Miss America on Sept. 15.

She also wins a vacation to Wally World! Sorry, couldn't resist. I didn't even know Griswold was a real last name. Maybe next year we can be represented by a Spackler, Focker or McLovin.

Instead of bothering you with dated movie references, here are some photos that we found on Kelsey's probably soon to be made private Facebook page. This is crazy... This is crazy...

Kelsey Griswold 2

This must be the winning moment from the Miss Bricktown Pageant. Seconds after the photo was taken, the bitter girl in the cheap wedding dress pushed her off the stage.


Kelsey Griswold 3

Before she became Miss Bricktown, Kelsey was crowned Miss Mabel Bassett Correctional Center in 2012.


miss ok 2013

If they wanted to make pageants more popular, they would have girls model jeans, white shorts or yoga pants instead of evening gowns.


kelsey griswold ada


Kelsey Griswold 4
kelsey griswold 6
kelsey griswold 5

Those are the only "candid" photos I'm posting from Kelsey's Facebook Page. I would post more, but I honestly can't tell how old she is in any of the pics. Instead, let's post more pictures from the pageant that I found on the Miss Oklahoma Facebook Page. We'll start with the swimsuit portion:

miss oklahonma swimsuits
miss ok pag 2

I think the Miss Oklahoma Pageant should hire me to be a judge next year. I'm a D-list local celebrity, heterosexual and would not take any sort of bribe at all from any girl in a bikini. Plus, I have experience judging wet t-shirt contests. Sign me up.

Here are some pics from the evening gown, lake party and leprechaun wet dream segments:

miss ok pag 2013 5


miss oklahoma pageant
miss oklahoma green


Just to fuck with us, the Miss Oklahoma Pageant also posted a bunch of pics of contestants eating food that they would have to throw-up later:

miss oklahoam chicken 4

Kentucky Fried Chicken


miss oklahoma donuts

Daylight Donuts


miss oklahoma mazzios

And Mazzios Pizza

For a more accurate depiction of what a Mazzios customer looks like, please refer to this:

traber pizza


And then we have the CGI headshots of some of the other pageant contestants.

Listen, I'm sure all of the these girls are pretty in real life. Put them in a police line-up or Target or a bar on Classen Circle and they would surely stand out and get noticed. For some reason, though, they prefer for their pageant headshots to make them look like robots or wax figures. Seriously, the pics are just awful. I think they were taken at Glamour Shots of the Damned. They make me want to send a Terminator back in time to take out the guys who invented Photoshop:

Miss University of Oklahoma
Miss Carl Albert State Collge
Miss Collinsville
Miss South OKC
Miss Southeast Oklahoma
Miss Moore-Norman

Anyway, congrats to Kelsey and good luck trying to win Miss America.

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