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Dean Blevins should probably avoid storm shelters…

This is the first week in a long time without Thunder basketball. Now, instead of bonding over our frustrations with Kendrick Perkins and our hatred for Patrick Beverley, we all get to back to having absolutely nothing in common with our co-workers. If the weather gets boring, we might not have anything at all to say to them and might actually be forced to do some work over the summer.

Also, it stormed last night. There were several damaging tornadoes near the metro and we hope everyone is okay and stayed out of harms way. I typed up this post before the tornadoes made a V around OKC (Sorry, Shawnee Mall), so you won't find any tweets of hailstones, destroyed homes, or overturned semi-trucks. For that stuff, visit a real news website. That's all they are going to show for the next two or three days.

To the tweets:

Wait. Don't pay attention to the orange and yellow? I don't get it. Fortunately, someone else on Twitter didn't either, and asked him what he meant.

Okay? So a slight severe weather risk is the same thing as a moderate severe weather risk? That doesn't make any sense at all. Why the two different terms? Why the two colors? Just because they're pretty? Because I do not get it, at all.


Between Bree Steffen cowering in fear and Lucas Ross running for cover, this looks like the start of an apocalypse movie or something.

Between this bird and that possum that snuck in late last year, all the other local stations are getting their ass kicked by Channel 4 in the all-important "Wildlife living inside the studio" category.


This reminds me. During the Thunder/Rockets series I was stuck somewhere that I couldn't watch one of the games, so I was forced to listen on the Sports Animal. When I tuned in there was still an hour or so before gametime and Al Eschbach was on. It was the first time I have listened to the Animal in years. And let me tell you, if you thought Al was phoning it in years ago, you haven't heard anything lately.

And let me also tell you that if you're the guy who called in and earnestly asked Al Eschbach his opinion on who was going to win the SEC baseball title, it might be time to take a good hard look at what has happened to your life.


I guess at Channel 5 they really really want viewers to know absolutely everything that's going on in their reporter's lives. God help us whenever Wendell Edwards' next prostate exam rolls around.


Maybe she should find out for us.


At the risk of being pedantic, does it bother anyone else that Olivia Munn doesn't seem to know the difference between "procrastinating" and "being easily distracted?" They are not even remotely the same thing. She was a Daily Show correspondent, for crying out loud!


Adam Mertz's Twitter bio:

mertz fantasy football

Yeah, Adam Mertz brags about winning Channel 4's fantasy football league in his Twitter profile. That's the worst brag I've ever heard. I have no comment on whether or not I take this position because I have never won a fantasy football league and therefore am unable to engage in terrible brags myself.


Is it time to begin an awkward conversations with Paul Folger?


Awkward Twitter Conversations With Linda Cavanaugh


Today I searched Twitter for the words "Oklahoma" and "Ass." This is what we got:

oklahoma ass


Oh... God... Abigail Ogle Is Going To Run This Town Someday, Isn't She?

Poor Abigail Ogle lost over 1000 of her fake Twitter followers last week, but on the bright side, at least she thought up that clever tweet.



The Dean Blevins Memorial Weekly Tweet From Dean Blevins

I bet he peed in the shelter.


That's all for this week. Follow me on Twitter here. Good bye!

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