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Some guy got drunk and finally tried to steal the Barons’ zamboni…


The guy pictured above is Spencer Holt. Recently, he had the balls to do something that we've all fantasized about at least once or twice in our life. He attempted to steal the Oklahoma City Barons Zamboni machine.

From KOKH Channel 25:

Man Arrested After Zamboni Joyride

A man was arrested after taking a joyride on a Zamboni at the Cox Convention Center Saturday.

According to authorities, 24-year-old Spencer Holt got on a Zamboni and broke through restraining gates before driving the Zamboni on the ice.

Holt was taken into custody and charged with destruction of property and public drunkenness.

That's just awesome. The only thing that could make it any better is if he tried to allude capture by hitching a ride on the little Chesapeake blimp that floats inside the Peake during Thunder games.

Seriously, that guy is a badass. Hopefully they drop the charges against him. Why should he be punished for pursuing his dream? It's not like he ran over a figure skater. If anything, we should give Spencer a certificate or medal for letting us live vicariously through him. Admit it, every time you've walked by the Zamboni while cutting through the Cox Center after a Thunder game you've thought "I kind of want to sneak a ride on that." He actually followed through with it. For that, we should pay him proper respects... or bail him out of jail. I'll get a fundrazr started.

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