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Emily Sutton is your Ogle Madness VI Champion…

10:53 AM EDT on April 11, 2013


I guess Channel 4 was right. Dreams really do come true!

KFOR Morning Meteorologist Emily Sutton is your Ogle Madness VI Champion. She demolished her BFF and co-worker Joleen Chaney by a score of 559 t0 301 in the championship game. This is the second consecutive year that Emily has won our absurd Oklahoma Celebrity Tournament. We will provide Emily her with the Ogle Madness Tiarra in a very private ceremony complete with wine and strawberries at the Skirvin:

Here's Emily's "One Shining Moment:"

Okay, that's actually the One Shining Moment video from Ogle Madness II. The video is four years old and it only has 3,000 views. If you all aren't going to waste your time and watch these amateurish videos, I'm not going to destroy my sanity trying to make them. Seriously, know how awful it is to get "One Shining Moment" stuck in your head? It makes me question my will to live. Imagine you're at a party with Regular Jim Traber, Wayne Coyne and Christina Fallin and they're all trying to talk over each other while watching old Sight N' Sound commercials. It's kind of like that, only worse.

Anyway, here are some Ogle Madness VI notes:

• The winner of the $250 Feast to Picasso Cafe in Paseo is Chris Moses. He was one of many people who picked Emily Sutton to win it all in our bracket contest. We held a drawing this morning and Chris' name was drawn from my Chicago Cubs hat. Thanks to everyone who sent in their choice for our "Pick the Champ" competition and thanks to Picasso Cafe for being a great sponsor.

• This year's tournament featured 67 matches and received nearly 38,000 votes. That's an average of 570 votes per match up. Kind of bizarre when you think about it.

• We had a lot of close match-ups this year. The Final Four clash between Joleen Chaney and the Prague Valedictorian was epic, but the most exciting match-up was between Olivia Munn and Sweet Brown.  Munn beat Sweet by a count of 287 - 284. I guess Sweet Brown didn't have time to vote.

• The biggest surprise had to be the Prague Valedictorian. She came out of nowhere to make the Final 4. The biggest disappointment was Scott Brooks. He was upset by the girl from Prague, but a lot of people had him making the Final 4.

Anyway, I guess that's it for Ogle Madness VI. It's kind of anti-climactic, huh? Thanks to everyone who voted, and thanks to our pal Joel for being a great emcee and getting the polls up each day. Now that Ogle Madness is complete he's looking for a real job (seriously). Let us know if you are hiring.

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