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The “I Murdered My Wisdom Teeth” girl is an Oklahoma Christian student…

I guess there's a new aspiring viral video star from the OKC metro. Meet Abbie Kritz. She's a student at Oklahoma Christian and had her wisdom teeth removed a few weeks ago. This was the aftermath:

You know how they say youth is wasted on the young? Well, I guess you can say the same thing about powerful sedatives. Seriously, as long as he's not trying to give me HIV, I need to schedule an appointment with that girl's oral surgeon immediately. I'd give anything to be able to go to a magical place where the only thing that matters are my dead teeth.

That being said, this video kind of sucks when compared to other Oklahoma viral video stars. She's not Sweet Brown, Mike Gundy or Greyson Chance. Hell, she's not even the best crying college girl form Oklahoma to make it big on YouTube. That would belong to the Make It Snow Girl. Also, based on her Twitter feed, it looks like Abbie has been trying a little too hard to get her video noticed. I guess there's nothing wrong with a little self promotion, but viral videos lose a bit of their charm when they're overly promoted. The best ones just spread on their own.

Anyway, Abbie and her boyfriend were interviewed on Kimmel a few nights ago. Here's the clip if you want to check it out:

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