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Ogle Madness Elite 8: (1) Kevin Durant vs. (3) Bibi Jones

Ogle Madness sounds like a condition that makes you believe you're a 7' 5" news monster. I'm so gonna get beat up by an Ogle. Again.

Here's who's left in the Elite 8:

(1) Kevin Durant vs. (3) Bibi Jones

This is the first time the NBA and porn worlds collide! No. It's not.


(1) Kevin Durant vs. (3) Bibi Jones

Kevin Durant

(1) Kevin Durant

Conference: Oklahoma City Thunder Superstars

Who He Is: Forward for the OKC Thunder; One of the biggest names in the NBA.

Biggest Strengths: Is to basketball what The Lost Ogle is to Obscure Local Social Blogs.

Biggest Weaknesses: Thunderstruck is to movies as The Lost Ogle is to Ryan Tate’s ego.

Last Game: Defeated (12) Lucy Sparkles 367-140



(3) Bibi Jones

Conference: On Again Off Again Pornstars

Who She Is: OKC born porn star born in a year you probably remember (1991)

Biggest Strengths: Can get your trailer hitch chrome free in no time. Golf ball stuck in your garden hose? She can handle that too.

Biggest Weaknesses: Modesty.

Last Game: Defeated (2) Kristin Chenoweth 263-258


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