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Amanda Marcum Enfield, a former supermodel from Mustang, is married to the head coach of Florida Gulf Coast

Amanda Marcum

In May of 2008, we ran a silly feature called "Hot Girl A Day In the Month a May." It was a play off The Sports Animal's old "Driver a Day in the Month of May" gimmick and gave us an excuse to post pictures of hot chicks from Oklahoma. The 4th girl we featured was Mustang-native and former swimsuit model Amanda Marcum. Here's what we wrote:

Honestly, we don’t know too much about Amanda. We know she is from Mustang and modeled for Stuff. Also, I swear that I hooked up with her one night at the Silver Stallion. But as I said, we don’t know too much about her.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, we now probably know way too much about Amanda. Earlier this week, Yahoo revealed to the masses that she is the wife of this guy:

andy enfield

That dude is Andy Enfield. He's an NCAA basketball record holder, accomplished businessman and an inspiration to gap-toothed men everywhere. He's also the head men's basketball coach at Florida Gulf Coast University. They play Georgetown on Friday in the NCAA Tournament.

From Yahoo:

Andy Enfield is a young basketball coach with sterling credentials, having worked under Mike Dunleavy, Rick Pitino and Leonard Hamilton. He's guided the once-unknown Florida Gulf Coast University to a berth in the NCAA tournament, a first-round draw against Georgetown...

Meet Amanda Marcum Enfield, wife of Enfield and legit supermodel. You can bet she'll be all over Friday's telecast when GCSU plays, Katherine Webb-style. In addition to that Maxim cover there at right, she's been on the covers of Elle and Vogue, and in ads for Victoria's Secret and more. She and Enfield met when he gave her a ride from New York City to Boston to watch the Oklahoma State Cowboys in — synchronicity alert — the 2003 NCAA Tournament. The ride was apparently pleasant enough that the two were engaged six months later.

Since the Yahoo story broke, Amanda's hotness has been picked up by just about every major sports blog and BuzzFeed'esque dump site out there. I guess you can add us to the list. I did some research to see what else we could find out about Amanda. First of all, here are some current pics we acquired via the Ogle Mole Network:

amanda marcum enfield
amanda marcum enfield 2

Wow, she literally puts the "I.L.F." in M.I.L.F. She's the hottest thing to come out of Mustang since that batch of biker meth some guy named Shane cooked up in 1974. Her son is by far going to be the most popular kid at his high school.

On the topic of high school, Amanda is a 1996 graduate of Mustang. I'm a 1996 graduate of PC West. I actually wrote about Mustang girls a few years ago in the 2011 Worst of OKC:

I always get Yukon and Mustang confused. They are both west of Oklahoma City, both have red high school uniforms and both smell like manure. I think Mustang is the bad one, because when I was in high school the Mustang girls were prudes, while the Yukon girls would totally let you touch their boob on a first ‘date.’ Of course, none of them had a thing on Piedmont girls. The only thing easier than a Piedmont girl is spaghetti.

Although the fact that she's married with kids makes me want to puke on Yukon, I kind of wish Amanda was a Piedmont girl. If you have any high school yearbook pics of Amanda, send them our way.

Amanda was profiled in a 2006 edition of the Mustang Times. I'm going to start frequenting the 7-11 in town during the holidays:

Throughout the years Enfield has continued to come back to Mustang at least twice a year to visit her family and friends and says she is pleased with the changes she sees.

“My family lives over by 7-11 and all that land on Highway 92 all the way to Yukon used to be just land and now it’s all developments,” she said. “It’s getting bigger, but the people are still so nice. I still love Oklahoma and I’m really glad I grew up there.”

One person she says influenced her life was her ninth grade English teacher, Mrs. Niles.

“She was my favorite teacher. She was beautiful and intelligent and she loved her job,” Enfield said.

Anyway, Amanda is apparently done with scantily clad photo shoots and content being the inspiration for I Love Hot Moms tee shirts. According to this 2011 article in Naples News, Amanda has retired from modeling to raise her family. That's a shame. Based on these pics, Amanda was a very good model:

amanda marcum32


Amanda_Marcum 5




Amanda_Marcum 2


Amanda_Marcum 1






For what it's worth, I just picked Florida Gulf Coast to upset Georgetown in my bracket pool. Go Gulf Coasters.

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