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The one where a meth head in Ada hid a loaded gun in her vagina…

Christie Dawn Harris

The lady pictured above is Christie Harris. If she looks upset in that mug shot, it's probably because she was arrested on drug possession charges. Or it could be the loaded gun that cops found in her vagina. One of the two.


An unusual and graphic case in Pontotoc County leads police to a bizarre find inside a female suspect.

It began at Dairy Lou Drive Inn in Ada.

The business sign states the place is known as “Home of the Hercules” but early Monday morning police in Ada made an unusal find in the parking lot, two women kicked back in a car.

One had a warrant our for her arrest; a drug dog let officers know the other woman needed to be searched.

Police took Jennifer Delancy and Christie Dawn Harris into custody.

“On the way there, one of them tells the officer she has another hypodermic needle in her shoe and they remove that,” Pontotoc County District Attorney Chris Ross said. “The other one said she had to go to the bathroom. She repeats it.”

Officers soon found out why she had to go so badly.

During book-in, a female officer noticed “something strange” during the search.

“The officer observed the handle of a revolver sticking out from inside her body,” Ross said.

Court records state it was a “wooden and metal item sticking out from her (Harris’) vagina area.”

“It was a five shot,” Ross said. “It was loaded and as she turned around, she noticed more plastic baggies, larger plastic baggies wedged in the crack of her buttocks.”

Those baggies contained meth and were removed along with the gun.

“It would seem to be a very dangerous place to carry a loaded firearm,” Ross said. “If it goes off it’s only going one place.”

Both women have long criminal records already and this time around will be charged with possession of drugs.

Hey, let's Give Christie Harris credit for one thing. She found a unique way to get people to overlook the bags of meth she wedged in the crack of her buttocks. That's not easy to do. Maybe when she gets out of jail she can work in a Thai strip club.

Here's a photo of the weapon that was discovered in her holiest of holies. It's either a Ruger or Playtex. I'm not 100% sure:

gun in vagina

On a positive note, I think we finally found a firearm that even Wayne Lapierre thinks should be banned.

Actually, I take that back. I fully expect the NRA to issue a statement today that says the only way to stop a bad girl with a gun in her vagina is a good girl with a gun in her vagina. The Oklahoma Legislature will probably pass a law that requires a woman to insert a loaded gun into her vagina and have an ultra sound performed before she can get an abortion.

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