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Confirmed: Liz “Mean” Dueweke is moving to Seattle! Hooray!!!

10:29 AM EST on February 20, 2013

On Monday, we reported that the ridiculously hot, mean and incredibly boring Liz "Mean" Dueweke was engaged. We also tossed out a rumor that she may soon be leaving Oklahoma City for Seattle.

Well, that rumor is now a fact. Via, we've obtained an email that KOMO-TV (Seattle) news director Holly Gauntt sent to her staff on Tuesday. In it, she confirms that Liz is bringing her trademarked good looks, lack of personality and vanity to Seattle in April:

From: Gauntt, HollySent: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 2:05 PMTo: KOMO-TV News AllSubject: Morning Anchor Change

For several years now Peggy has done what many of us have, she’s traveled the country getting experience and building her career. For several of those years her husband CJ has been at her side, making the trek to bigger markets as her career took off. Now however, CJ’s career is taking off and it’s Peggy’s turn to be at his side. CJ is being re-located. With an out coming up in her contract, Peggy has decided to spend some quality time with the twins and see where CJ’s career takes their family before deciding on her next career move.

As many of you know I posted the morning job a few weeks ago when Peggy got news of the relocation. We’ve auditioned a few people and have found our new morning anchor!

Liz Dueweke will be joining us in April. I first saw Liz while watching the morning show in Oklahoma City a year or so ago and have been tracking her career since! She’s an incredibly talented anchor who brings a ton of energy and knowledge to her newscasts. Liz has been anchoring the weekday mornings at KOKH for the past three years. Prior to that job, Liz was a reporter and fill in anchor in Flint, Michigan and Yuma, Arizona.

Ironically, Liz and Brad both attended Michigan State. Liz ended up getting her degree from Oakland University where Seth graduated! Liz will be joining our team in mid-April.

First of all, why was a Seattle news director watching an Oklahoma City morning show? That's creepy. Also, Holly left out some key points in her email, like "everyone please be nice to Liz, kiss her ass and flatter her with compliments, otherwise she won't like you. Also, she's engaged to a guy named AJ. How ironic!"

Three random thoughts:

• And you thought our roast of Rick Mitchell was mean! I can't wait until we get to this one.

This probably explains why our friend Ferris O'Brien has been playing such down and depressing music on the Spy. He, like many moles, was spellbound by Mean Dueweke's good looks and fake charm. For the past few weeks he's played nothing but Portishead, Beach House and a tribute band   named Godspeed You Black Liz Dueweke. It's very strange.

• Will the person who does the hiring at Channel 25 replace Mean Dueweke with someone hot, nice and dumb? Thanks in advance.

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