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Mailbag: Brianna Lackmeyer and the Ghost of James Lankford

Hey ladies...and dudes.

Are you still trying to figure out your Halloween costume? Did you not like any (shameless plug alert) of the 20 Oklahoma Halloween costume ideas that we shared? If not, why don't you (second shameless plug alert) check out Patricia's. They have a bunch of what Clark Matthews calls "naughty-naughty" costumes and apparel, they're the sponsor of this mailbag, and as a bonus, they're local. Outside of your co-workers who still eat at Chili's, who doesn't like to keep it local?

Anyway, read this week's emails and vote for your favorite after the jump. Whoever sends us the best one will win a $25 Gift Certificate to Patricia's.

Brian writes:

Subject: Brianna Lackmeyer

So is there a "thing going on between Brianna Bailey from the Journal Record and Steve Lackmeyer? They are killing my Twitter feed so I wondered if they got together sometimes and fantasized about buildings. Or maybe they just get on the phone and talk about buildings which would be the equivalent to phone sex for them. I'm not really sure but something has to be going on there. Look into it for us please.

Considering Steve Lackmeyer is married and Brianna Bailey has a massive crush on me, I don't think there's anything going on between the two. I think this is just a case of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

You see, they both have the totally undesirable jobs of having to report on downtown real estate news, so in a way, they're the only people who can relate to each other. But they're also competitors. They are constantly trying to scoop each other. Brianna won the last round by breaking the First National story, but then again, that doesn't really matter because it's behind a pay wall and nobody can read it. If you're really bored and obsessed with co-working collaboratives and Russaian model builders, you can at least read Lackmeyer's stuff from a computer. Plus, Lackmeyer has been named Hobby's Hoagies Customer of the Month for a record-breaking six consecutive months. So he has that going for him, which is nice.


Carissa writes:

Have you noticed James Lankford's spooky Facebook profile pic? I think his campaign is using it as part of a Facebook ad. Periodically it will show up on the right side of my Facebook page and haunt me. It's very scary. Are they doing this because of Halloween??

Here's the picture Carissa is referring to:

Holy crap, that is scary! It's also ridiculously muted, airy and drab. What is he really advertising there? Does he want us to vote for him or simply buy his Christian Music CD? Is he running for congress or campaigning for a reboot of "Touched by an Angel?" Even the lady who designs the slides for your church's Powerpoint slides can't believe he used a marble background.


Ron writes:

Though you might enjoy this. I'm a native okie that recently stumbled on your site and thoroughly enjoyed and laughed at the various severe weather songs.

Well I know how much you guys love the weather and former KOCO meteorological master Rick Mitchell. Well I snapped this photo while relaxing here at home a few minutes ago. Just because one leaves Oklahoma he can't escape the eyes of the lost ogle and it's many minions. Love the site. I know it's not the best severe weather song but it's not too bad.

That's probably a below average weather dong, especially after this magnificent one made the rounds. The only reasons I'm including it in the mailbag are:

1. Blowing Dust

2. We didn't get a bunch of emails this week.


Jordan writes:

With your recent report of David Payne going to channel 9 the question has to be if you were a known figure at KFOR like Emily Sutton or Joleen Chaney wouldn't you use this to your advantage for a bigger pay raise when your contract is coming up for renewal? I mean they easily could get a bump in pay & the Al Eischbach vacation schedule if they say they're being courted by another local station. I think KFOR would cave to try to keep the most popular figures on air. Is that crazy or am I over thinking this?

It wouldn't surprise me if Channel 9 made a run after Joleen Chaney. Since the channel is locally owned, they have the finances and flexibility to pursue and poach talent from the other news stations. Especially the people who are incredibly hot, talented and have songs written about them.

I doubt they'll pursue Emily Sutton though. They already have Lacey Swope, which is basically a boring version of Emily. Plus, they have like 20 weather people right now. You'd think they'd cut back before expanding.


Dennis writes:

From time to time, I have the opportunity to learn about restaurants in different parts of the state that offer not only exceptional service but great food as well. What is the best way to get the word out to Oklahomans?

One such place is Joseph’s Fine Foods in Drumright, Oklahoma. And by the way, it is next door to one of the state’s wineries.

Earlier this week while working in Drumright, I asked a local patron if he could recommend a good place to eat. He suggested Joseph’s. I followed his directions and am glad that I did. I will definitely be returning with family and friends as time permits.

I believe it would be a very kind gesture to the folks at Joseph’s if someone from an appropriate news organization would take the opportunity to travel to Drumright, visit this restaurant, and share a good word with other Oklahomans about their delightful experience.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Once again, I told you we didn't get a lot of emails this week.


Anyway, vote for your favorite email below. Whoever sent us the best one wins a $25 Gift Certificate to Patricia's.

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